One Thing Remains

I have been super emotional lately, there's just SO much happening in my life right now and it's hard to grasp all of these phenomenal changes! Let me back up a little bit first since I've been totally MIA here lately...

Let's do this in bullet fashion, shall we?

  • My son will be THREE months old on Tuesday... he is bound and determined to sit up on his own, he pulls himself up when we hold his hands and just giggles! It's just going by WAY to fast!
  • Boogie is flying through the things we are teaching her... and we just invested in a (used) iPad and she is devouring everything she can... she LOVES Elmo's ABC's!
  • My best friend and her amazing family are moving the weekend of my birthday... we are also moving into their house that same weekend! So... bittersweet!
  • My friend Hannah, who I've known for ages, is getting married in April. Boogie is going to be a flower girl and I am a bridesmaid... and as sappy/crazy as this sounds... watching Hannah try on her dress and helping with her shower today made me think about how quickly this time went by for HER mother. What the heck will I do when this is Boogie getting married?
  • I've been bombarded with songspiration lately (yes, I totally just made up that word!). Every time I turn on J's ipod before I start my daily chores I hear lyrics to a song that I just NEEDED to hear (more on that in a bit)
See... LOTS of things, lots of emotional things that are frequently bringing me to my knees in praise, prayer, tears (both happy AND sad), and joy! So back to songspirations... this song, One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture. Oh man, this song honest to goodness brought me to my knees yesterday. I was holding my son, dancing with my daughter, and as I sang the lyrics it just filled my heart with so much joy! "Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me!" Just those simple words brought me to tears, I am so undeserving, so unworthy... yet his love NEVER fails, it NEVER gives up, and it will NEVER run out." No matter what circumstances I face, joyful or sorrowful, I have His love. How powerful is that? It just sends shivers down my spine! 

Thank you Lord for showing me your love!