Hi Mom!

LOL. So I know my mom reads this blog... and I thought of a umm..... "subtle" way of showing her what I'd love to see her make for Isla or Cooper. Now obviously some of these cannot be done until we know whoooo our little bundle is... but hey. My mom is crafter extroadinaire! So... mom. Here ya go. Crafts I'd love to see you make :) And I could help, just not a lot because then they'd look awful. But I'll try! - this one has quick crafts involving onesies & leg warmers! - this one isn't really a craft but a book that i want to buy if mom can help me make some things out of it! the jacket is SOOO cute! - this one has links to some of my favorite crafts that jill (the blogger) has made. Burp clothes and bibs (which i made for Janelle's twins!), embellished infant tees, an adorable bootie pattern, changing pad, wipes clutch, & taggie toys! - right now i'm really digging an owl theme, and honestly i think it would be really cute for Isla or Cooper.... this doesn't have a tutorial but I know mom could look at the picture and whip one up on her own! - this is the CUTEST little dress, it's not an original pattern by Jill but she gives you a link to a free pattern for it! - i love this book! it's a quiet book for little ones to read during church, or even in the car. its entirely made of fabric and you can personalize it for your little one!

:) really cute eh? hehe. love you mom.


First Prenatal Appointment

Cue inspirational music. Today was our first prenatal appointment... can we say WOOHOO? And maybe then we can cue some awkward kind of odd music... wow. There was more stuff going on with my body during this appointment then you could even imagine. Well maybe a few of you can imagine. It was awkward... wierd... and uh. Different. But there were a few pretty fabulous things :) We got to "meet" our precious little miracle for the FIRST time! He/She (however I'm pretty darn sure it's a girl. I just know. I'm pretty sure God is just telling me this. And he did create her, so He would know right? That or he's playing a little joke on me! LOL) Anyways, the shocking/scary/sad/hilarious portion of the day was discovering that there were in fact 2 little embryos, however one did not develop so we only have one little growing baby in there. So if I get pregnant again, Janelle has pretty much determined that there will be multiples in my future... and she WILL be moving in at that point. So prepare yourself woman!

LOL... Anyways.... World, meet Baby Isla or Cooper. Cooper or Isla! Meet World!

Yea. He/She is cute. Like a lima bean. That's pretty much what she looks like eh? We have lots to look forward too! And lots of money to save... woohoo?

So how is the mommy to be? Well. I've snapped at my husband multiple times today and wanted to pinch his little almost bald head to an oblivion... and then all I wanted to do was cuddle and snuggle with him. He doesn't get that my hormones are going haywire right now. I can go from 0 to 60 before you can say the letter..... well. It's just that fast. You can't even beging saying any letter! Therefore, he thinks I'm just being me. I'm not THAT bad people! He'll learn. I hope.

My favorite verse of all time... and I really should have read it more often or thought about it more often considering I have it memorized. We've wanted this for so long and I think I'm just now realizing that He had a plan, and He worked everything out so that when we got pregnant we would be ready!

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." NIV



I love being pregnant. I hate throwing up. Ew. But what do I hate more than throwing up? Gagging and nausea. Atleast when you puke it's done and over with.... but no. I have constant, all day nausea. I'm hungry and nauseus. Full and nauseus. Tired and nauseus. Hyper and nauseus. I am everything under the sun... and nauseus. Seriously. C'mon 2nd trimester. The 1st trimester is welcome to pack his bags and leave!!!!

Sigh. Atleast I'm almost 9 weeks... which means only 3ish more weeks until 2nd trimester. Praise GOD.


Life Changes

First on the to do list for my blog... we are having the internet and cable disconnected temporarily so that we can play catch up. With our recent move, a few of our bills were much higher than expected and has thus KICKED OUR BUTTS. So yea. No more internet. I can update from my phone, but sometimes it can be a real booger.

Second. God is GREAT. Justin has been looking for a 2nd part time job so that I can actually continue being a full time student and in 7 months... a full time mommy :) . He's had several interviews but to no avail. Until today! A part time job at a local conference center that is willing to work around his full time schedule at the nursing home! Woohoo! So yes. God is good. ALL the time.

Third. First prenatal appointment is next Thursday :) Hopefully we'll get to see Isla or Cooper for the first time!!! PS. Isla is pronounced EE-LUH. Who cares what the world thinks it should be, we like the spelling and our pronunciation! LOL

Fourth. I might be going back to my original plan of transferring to Montreat. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Am I excited? Heck yes! We'll see what happens :)





Baby Massey

I am going by the health department's EDD (estimated due date) for Baby Massey, so as of tomorrow I will be 7 weeks! I'm still nauseus now and then, but it's worse in the shower. Not because I'm taking hot, or even super warm showers... it's like a combination of the water beating down on me, the sudden temp change, and etc. Ugh! So I'm a bath taker until the "morning" sickness wears off lol! I really only have 2 other symptoms, tender breasts and EXHAUSTION. I took a THREE hour nap today! I'm so glad I set my alarm, otherwise I would have missed my final exam for math! LOL. Anyways... I go for my first prenatal appointment on the 27th, and I'm super excited and super nervous! We'll see how it goes, lol.

Justin and I have our "tentative" baby names, but you never know... they might change. Right now we really like Cooper Frank for a boy. Frank was my paternal grandfather, I absolutely adored him. Isla (pronounced Eee-luh) Lilyann for a girl. Lily is after Lillian, my paternal grandmother who just recently passed away, and Ann after Justin's maternal grandmother... who is a FIRECRACKER!

More later... now it's time for BED!



I am so tired. So very incredibly tired. I fell asleep at 10:30ish pm. I woke up at 12:30am.... because my stomach was growling. Really? Couldn't wait until the morning? So I go make a snack. Sliced cheddar and apple sauce. I shovel the applesauce in.... and take one bite of the cheese and ew. Luckily I didn't puke, but apparenlty I have a new aversion to cheddar :-\ Gross.



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