18 Week Appointment

Yesterday we had our 3rd prenatal appointment to check on me and Baby Isla or Cooper! We arrived around 1:00 and luckily they got me in for labs quickly because I had to pee soooo bad! However, after getting weighed and relieving my bladder, I had to drink the glucola drink so that they could test me for gestational diabetes.... it wasn't awful but it definately wasn't pleasant! Once that was finished they took us back to an exam room where we were immediately met by the OB's student who asked basic questions and left... then we waited. And waited. And waited. An hour later a nurse came by and took me back to the lab to have my blood drawn for the glucola test.... and then I was sent back to the exam room where we proceeded to wait. And wait.... and wait. Finally another nurse came by and asked why we were still waiting... well we had still yet to see the doctor! She finally came in about an hour and a half after my scheduled appointment! She felt the baby and my uterus and baby is doing great! We got to hear the heartbeat and it was exactly 140 :) I go back to start meeting the midwives on August 12 and then we have our big ultrasound on Aug 16 :)



I am SO tired of throwing up!!!!! EEEEEWWWW!!! I get a few days off from my morning sickness and then BAM! It's back in full swing again! I'll be 18 weeks on Saturday, in my SECOND trimester, and I'm still getting sick. Yuck... yuck... yuck. Mr. Cooper or Miss Isla better be having a good time in my tummy, because mommy is not having fun right now :(


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Isla Lilyann Isla Hope Isla Grace Isla WHAT?

So we've been settled on a boy's name since we found out we were pregnant pretty much... Cooper Frank. Frank is very special to our family because it's my grandfather's name. Isla's middle name on the other hand has been nothing but trouble... is that an omen? LOL JK! We liked the name Isla Lilyann to begin with, but after a while I felt like it didn't flow very well. Then we started talking about using Grace, Hope, Faith or Joy... but although they are biblical and remind me of my amazing Father in heaven... they just didn't feel right. So I started doing some searching... and I came across Moriah. I wasn't crazy about it until I read the description... Moriah means "the Lord is my teacher" and it is also speculated that the land of Moriah in biblical times was the mountainous region that Abraham was told by God to take his son Isaac and sacrifice him. If you know the story, then you know that God stopped Abraham and provided a ram (or was it a sheep) to be sacrificed instead. Abraham's obedience showed the Lord that he remained faithful to the Lord no matter the circumstances. Moriah is a pretty powerful name I think, it might just be a great reminder that no matter where our life leads us, we should remain faithful and obedient to the Lord.... so Isla Moriah Massey.... if you are in fact Isla and not Mr. Cooper... you have officially been named :)


Fall Semester Schedule

All of my classes are online this semester, woohoo!

ART 111 (Art Appreciation)
BIO 11o (Principles of Biology)
DRA 111 (Theatre Appreciation)
ENG 241 (British Literature I)
PSY 241 (Developmental Psychology)