Happy 1st Halloween Boogie!

Boogie celebrated her first Halloween today! I'm not sure how we'll go about celebrating in the future because I'm not crazy about going trick or treating... we may just do church fall festivities. Who knows! This year we went to a pumpkin patch (humongous waste of $ and time btw), bought a pumpkin at the grocery store, took pictures of Boogie in her costume playing with her pumpkin, and her grandparents came over to give her some goodies and love on her. And that's all we're doing... I was thoroughly disappointed that the pumpkin patch was a bust, but that's life I guess! Anyways... Happy Halloween baby girl!

Please continue to pray for us! We're still waiting to hear what will happen with the house we want, this would be an incredible change for us... I'd love to be able to have Boogie's first Thanksgiving and Christmas in a HOUSE!


Too Much Going On!

I hate nights like these when I'm absolutely exhausted, but I just can't seem to get my brain to shut off long enough to drift to sleep. There's so many life changing events that are kind of up in the air at the moment, we're not sure how everything will pan out so that has left me a wee bit stressed out... among other things. I am constantly thinking about the possibility of moving and how it might affect Boogie... we've struggled with getting her to sleep in her own room, so I wonder if moving into a new home with a new room in an unfamiliar place will throw her for a loop. Then I think about how Christmas AND Boogie's birthday is just 2 months away and how everyone expects us to be here and there and in between... which most likely will not be happening. Despite J having to work on Christmas Day, I think we're still going to spend the day at home and not venture out. I hate having to go 24/7 to please everyone, and it's really not fair to Boogie to have to get her in and out of the car when everyone should be coming to see her, rather than going to see them.... right?

I guess I'm rambling a lot... but I needed to get all of this off my chest in the hopes that I might be able to zonk out for about 20 minutes before Boogie wakes up AGAIN. (And no, I'm not being sarcastic, it truly could be 20 minutes). So... I'm stressed. Lord, please be with me these next few weeks! I need you now more than ever!


Five Question Friday

1. Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?
This time of year? Flannel.

2. What time zone are you in?

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
The smell of evergreens... peppermint candles.... and this year we'll finally be able to spend Christmas with our little one! So, we'll be starting our book tradition! We get a new Christmas book every year and read it on Christmas Eve :-D

4. What is your favorite "wintry" drink? 
Hot cocoa with a peppermint Kiss melted in!

5. In your opinion, what is the worst job in the world?
Hmmm. There's quite a few jobs I wouldn't want to even try... but the worst? Working in a slaughter house. Butchering animals. I couldn't do it. No way. No how. I'd for sure be a vegetarian for the rest of my life.



Well, it seems like every other night Boogie has a good night... and then a bad one. Last night wasn't too bad actually. She went down a little early because she hasn't been napping well (thanks to our wonderful LOUD neighbors), so she was asleep by 7... woke up twice between then and 10 but J got her back to sleep fairly quickly both times. Then she didn't wake up until 1:45! And then she woke up at 3:30 and we didn't get her back to sleep until almost 4:15. J finally got her back to sleep for me and she slept til almost 6. I was too tired to fight with her so we just went and laid on the couch and slept til 8. Overall a good night... especially compared to the night before when she was up every few hours!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, tomorrow is Boogie's 10 month birthday! I still haven't completely decided what I want to do for her 10 month photos... obviously some will have something to do with Halloween, but other than that I'm not sure what we're doing! Anyways... just wanted to update a little on Boogie's sleep training. :)


Dear Boogie...

Dear Boogie,

I love you. You're beautiful.... but please for goodness sakes STOP SCREAMING AT ME! You're okay. Mommy is two feet away on the other side of the gate. I'm doing laundry. YOUR laundry. I'm washing the diapers and your onsies, and your pants and socks and all the little pieces of clothing you dirty up on a daily basis. You can also stop following me into the bathroom every time I have to pee. It's okay for mommy to pee ALONE. Seriously... it's okay for mommy to step away for two seconds to have some alone time, it's okay to sit and play with your toys while mommy gets some things done. I will play with you the rest of the day! I will nurse you! And feed you! And change your yucky diapers! I promise! I know you like to stay with me 24/7 and sometimes I wear you so that you CAN be with me at all times... but today, I need to step away and just be by myself! Okay? So really... stop shrieking!

Love mommy.

Seriously. All day. All day my daughter has been screaming at me. And all I have done is step to the other side of the gate to put a load of laundry in the dryer. I've tried to put her down for her first nap THREE times today, and she refuses to sleep! The only time she's been happy today is when she's attached to my boob. At this very moment she is standing at the other side of our room separation gate and screaming blood murder at me because I'm ignoring her. I just want 5 minutes! So I'm blogging and ignoring her. Mother of the year award! Now... time to try nap attempt #4.


Simply Sunday

I haven't been a good blogger lately and honestly I don't have a great excuse really. I have been working on homework like crazy but mainly I've been playing with Boogie, haha! Speaking of my Boogie, she's going to be 10 months old on Friday, can you believe it? In two short months she'll be 1, my sweet sweet tiny baby girl is turning into a toddler before my eyes! No, she's not walking yet, but she is SO independent (and so NOT independent at the same time... yea, try to figure that one out!) and she cruises around EVERYWHERE, but she won't let us hold her hands and help her walk! Crazy kid!

My big girl is eating like crazy, right now her favorites are blueberries, beef stew meat, and cheddar cheese. She seriously flips out over cheddar cheese! She's almost perfected sipping out of her straw sippy... she just hasn't figured out how to suck out a little bit at a time lol! What else... she waves now and loves to say "Hi!" and "Hey!" If you ask her how big she is she'll put her hands up in the air... and I say 'SOOOO big!'. She can act like a monster (lmbo), she'll grow and hold up her hands like claws, it's TOO cute!

Anyways, there's a short, sweet little update on my Boogie Baby. I still can't believe how fast this year has gone by and that I have such a smart little girl... she's beautiful and AMAZING... even if a little bit (or a lot) rotten!


Five Question Friday

1. Where do you escape to when you've had enough?
Ha... usually to our bedroom. At least that's what I've done lately! Boogie is struggling BIG time with being a 'big' girl and sleeping in her own room. I was in TEARS yesterday and had to hand her off to J and walk away... so I escaped to our bedroom and just bawled!

2. What shows are you watching this fall?
I haven't been able to watch anything when it actually comes on, but I do watch Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice when I can online.

3. What was the longest roadtrip you've ever taken and where did you go?
Orlando, FL with the marching band my sophomore year in high school. We went to Disney, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Downtown Disney... and I think that's it.

4. Do you plan on taking your kids to Disney World?
Yes... we're actually thinking about going some time in 2012

5. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I don't know if I leave much to be surprised about really. Sometimes people are surprised that I don't like seafood or mushrooms... but that's kind of dumb. LOL


International Baby Wearing Week

Last week was International Baby Wearing week... and I was planning on doing another post about baby wearing but I forgot! Oops! Anyways, this is copied from a great thread on the Baby Wearing Board on, you can see the thread here.

Why Babies NEED to be worn:

  1. Wearing/holding increases oxytocin, the bonding hormone, and can help new mothers reduce depression and increase milk supply.
  2. Wearing/holding helps newborns regulate their body temperature, breathing, and heart rate.
  3. Wearing/holding means baby's needs will be met sooner, reducing the stress on both mother and baby feel from crying.
  4. Wearing/holding baby tummy-to-tummy position helps the baby develop muscles, head/neck control, and visual accuity. "Tummy Time" is really only necessary for babies who spend a majority of time in fixed positions, such as in a crib, car seat, swing, etc. 
  5. Wearing/holding baby in an upright, tummy-to-tummy position reduces gas pain and reflux.
  6. Wearing/holding baby helps baby's cognitive development and emotional security. By being able to see mom's world, watch her reactions, and watch her work, baby spends most of the day learning. Also, studies show baby hears much larger amount of language when worn than a baby would hear otherwise. (Essentially, you talk to a baby you can see)
  7. Strangers in public are far less likely to touch baby, reducing spread of unfamiliar germs.
Why MOM needs to wear:
  1. Mom can go places without carrying bulky or heavy equipment. (How soon post-partum would YOU want to carry a 15 pound car seat?)
  2. Mom can get things done at home being hands-free. You can even hands-free feed!
  3. Baby cries less reducing mom's stress.
  4. Wearing can help reduce depression and increase milk supply.
  5. Promotes bonding and attachment.
Baby's Physical Needs
A newborn baby has almost no motor control at birth. Muscles are tense, tendons are short, and it takes all the energy available just to eat, breathe, and sleep. A newborn cannot see much at all, maybe several inches away in poor focus (enough to latch on while breastfeeding). At this stage, the baby needs to be kept in a relatively fetal position. Knees should be bent, back should be hunched roundly. The "starfish" or "crotch-dangler" shape found in most carriers actually can dislocate the baby's hips and put pressure on his/her soft, flexible spine. Blood flow to the legs is almost always reduced, giving the baby blue legs. Great care is also needs to be taken to ensure the baby's chin isn't to his chest. This position makes it very hard to breathe and without head control to move, a baby could suffocate in minutes. The most natural  solution is to carry the baby with his head resting on your chest or shoulder. 
As the baby grows, he can see a little more clearly. Most babies can see about the distance from mom's chest to her face after a few months, and he/she will start to enjoy seeing faces. Beyond that distance, the world is still quite blurry. Head/neck control is something that takes effort, and the baby can become frustrated if too much work goes into looking around, which usually ends in fussing and banging his face on mom's chest. At this point, many misinterpret this as the baby's desire to face out and "see the world", but the baby's focal distance is still not enough to see much. In fact, facing out puts MORE strain on the baby's tired neck, resulting in a slumped position where he rests his face on the carrier's edge. Facing out also adds the problem of the baby bearing weight on his chest, reducing the expansion. Hip and legs are unsupported. A high back carry in a wrap helps, or a hip carry. In this way, he/she can still rest when tired.
As the baby gets older, care needs to be taken to ensure his carrier still supports knee-to-knee. This position gives the child a good seat, ensuring his comfort and mom's as a seated child supports some of his own weight. Most babies with good head/neck control who are sitting up can be back-carried to give the added benefits of a good view and a safe distances from reaching items.

Description of Being Carried in a "Crotch-Dangler" (Bjorn type carrier)
Pick your child up facing your body, hand under his/her bottom. See how his/her legs naturally go? Knees up, legs bent, wrapped around you. This position keeps the stress off his/her spine and keeps his/her hips forming correctly.
Now look at the position the "crotch-dangler" uses. He/She is supported essentially by a huge 'wedgie', legs dangling over nothing. His/her spine is compressed or arched and stressed. His/her legs have NO support. His/her hips are actually nearly dislocated (babies are NOT meant to have straight legs like adults). If you're facing him/her tummy to tummy against you, her knees are being flexed BACKWARDS each time you step. Ouch! If he/she is facing out, he/she is being supported by his/her weight on his/her crotch and his/her breastbone. This makes it hard to breathe, stresses him/her out, and leaves him/her staring at the floor much of the time.
Go over to a high couch or stool or something with a hard thin arm. Straddle it and take your feet off of the floor. Struggle to balance. Feel that pressure. Now imagine that is the only position you can be in for hours while mom shops. This is your "crotch-dangler"

Here are some more links to great articles with information about baby wearing:


Praying HARD!

We've been going back and forth for months about trying to find a house for rent. We live in a 2nd floor apartment in a two story 4-plex in our hometown, and while the apartment itself is just right for what we need, it's hard living with loud, rude neighbors. We have neighbors beside us who play very loud rap music and have the bass turned all the way up and no matter how many times we ask it's a weekly, if not daily, occurance. We also have neighbors below us who have nightly arguments that are loud just below our bedroom. There are other circumstances with this apartment both with neighbors and the landlord/management company that I don't want to go into detail about, but we just don't feel as comfortable or safe here anymore! But at the same time we don't want to just move anywhere, it has to be the right home for Boogie, it needs to be safe, and it needs to have everything we need.

The other night I was looking on Craigslist and came across a house for rent just up the road from my parents house. We were driving around because Boogie had fallen asleep in the car and I was NOT about to interrupt a nap by getting her out of the car... so I had J drive up to the house so we could take a look. The rent is low so I was expecting a dumpy old trailer or a very worn down tiny house... I was wrong! It is the CUTEST little white house with black shutters, it has a huge yard and it looks perfect! To make a long story short, my dad is NOT shy and ended up talking to the person who lives there now (I actually went to high school with him) and he told us that it is a 3 bedroom and has a wood stove! I still have to make sure it has washer/dryer connections, but other than that it has our wish list.... which is the following: some type of air conditioning (yes), some type of heating other than oil or gas (yes), washer/dryer connections (not sure yet), at least 2 bedrooms (yes), a yard (yes), NOT AN APARTMENT (yes yes yes!).

The man who owns the house is in service, so he is stationed in Alaska right now, so we have to wait to hear from his aunt who is taking care of it at the moment. We are 90ish% sure we're going to get it! The only not so fun part is that we will have to buy our own appliances (fridge, stove... and hopefully a washer/dryer for some w/d connections)...but it's totally worth it. So please, please, PLEASE pray for us! I'm trying not to get excited but this really would be a wonderful place to continue to grow our family and to stay for a good long while until we can buy a house of our own. :)


Five Question Friday

1. Do you prefer ice cream in a cone or a bowl?
How about ice cream in a waffle bowl? LOL

2. What three things do you love the smell of?
Boogie after she's had a bath, pine trees, and cinnamon!

3. Giftcards or no? (in regards to gift giving)
Yea... that's the best gift for someone who's difficult to buy for.

4. What sports did you play in high school if any, and do you still play any of them?
Soccer and marching band... and if you don't think marching band is as strenuous as a sport. Think again. I wish I could still play at least indoor soccer, but my knee won't cooperate.

5. Were you in band in high school? What instrument did you play?
LOL! I promise I didn't see this question before I answered number 4. So yes. I was in marching band, symphonic band, and jazz band. I played alto saxophone.


Can You Handle It?

I firmly believe that God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle... we are constantly faced with trials and tests to grow us as people and as Christians. I'm facing one of the hardest trials I have ever had to endure, and I'm sure many other parents can relate. It's called *cue dramatic daunting music* separation anxiety. It's not fun, not one wee little bit of fun. It doesn't matter what I do, I leave the room and my daughter flips out. I can't hand her off to her daddy and walk away without her getting upset. There are rare moments when I can scoot away to take a shower or start dinner... but the majority of the time she's in the shower with me or on my back while I cook. This is my life in a nutshell.

The point of my rambling... while my daughter struggles with being away from me, I'm struggling in my walk with Christ. I guess in a way you can say that I'm facing some separation anxiety myself. I am still a Christian, my faith has never faltered, but like many people do I'm not staying focused as I should on time with just me and Him. I miss bible study, I miss praise and worship... and I really miss church. We are planning on attending a large local church that is extending a new branch in our community. We LOVE this church, but unfortunately we can't afford to drive to the main campus and the campus that they are opening here will not be ready until January. So I'm struggling... but I will get through and keep clinging to my faith and finding my way through the heartache of all this separation stuff with Boogie. Pray for me? Thanks!



We're going through some major separation anxiety over here. Boogie gets hysterical when I leave the room, when I try to put her down for her nap, if I hand her to J... it's driving me crazy. I say that, not because her wanting me is driving me crazy, but because her always needing me is stressing me out. I can't get a minute alone, I can't hand her over to J and ask him to put her to bed because she won't let him! I'm stressed. I'm tired. And no... don't offer to babysit, because at this point, it will only make matters worse. Sorry for being snotty, but there you go.

As for nighttime, I stopped keeping track of it... she woke up so many times last night that I was in a complete daze and early this morning I asked J to go sleep on the couch (he had about an hour until he had to get up for work) so that I could bring Boogie to bed and get some sleep.

So there. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I have major anxiety at the moment... and I can't wait until tomorrow morning, because that means the night will be over and I will have my happy girl again. Night time SUCKS.


Operation I Want My Bed Back... Night 2

Night 2 sucked to be frank. But before we get to that, let's talk about our first napping experience with the crib. yesterday was our first time getting Boogie to nap in her crib. I was really afraid she'd fight me and not sleep at all, and since she slept in until 11 that morning I planned on putting her down for one nap. She went down like a breeze... it was AMAZING. I nursed her at 3:10pm, she was down by 3:20pm and didn't wake up until 4:30pm. Not the longest nap in the world, but it was a whole hour of ME time. Spectacular!

Now... bedtime was not so spectacular. Here are the details:

7pm - started our bedtime routine (bath, pjs, books, nurse...)
8:10pm - got her in her crib
8:45pm - she woke up....
8:48pm - went back down relatively quickly
9:30pm - awake AGAIN
9:31pm - went back asleep with just a few pats
10:40pm - and awake again
10:45pm - again, went to sleep with a little patting and head rubbing
11:40pm - and again... awake
12:09am - fell asleep after some rocking and bouncing
2:15am - slept about 2 hours, so we thought hey, maybe she'll sleep a little longer next time...
3:36am - or not.... at this point she is STILL awake, so I nurse her thinking maybe she's hungry?
3:44am - she leaked on me from the constant tushie patting, so she got a diaper change
4am - 2 hours later, she's asleep. Ay yi yi.
5:55am - awake again, so I tell J to just bring her to bed. We're all exhausted.
6:05am - after biting me and not going to sleep... back to her bedroom we go
7am - for the past hour I left J and Boogie to get some rest. I was in and out of consciousness because Boogie cried the entire time... poor J :( So after all that, we bring her back to our bed again, I nurse her, and we all pass out.
10:15am - wake up super exhausted and hoping tonight is a better night.

So yea. Last night was ROUGH. Naptime was good though, she went down at 1:20pm and slept until 2:25! And tonight she was up twice between 7:30pm and 8:45pm, but she's been down since 9pm and it's not 11pm... so I'm hopeful for a better night!


Five Question Friday

1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet?
Wings. Hands down, my husband makes the best boneless hot wings EVER.

2. What is the most romantic place you've ever been too?
Restaurant wise... Melting Pot. Place wise... probably Okaloosa Island. It IS where we honeymooned, so how could it not be romantic? LOL

3. What is your favorite things about fall/Halloween?
I live in the BEST place during fall... Western NC has the most beautiful mountains when the leaves change. It's SO pretty! So I love that... and that it's sweater weather!

4. How would you spend 24 hours alone?
Alone? What's that? I haven't been alone since May 2010... seriously. Ummm... I'd clean the entire house top to bottom, catch up on homework, catch up on reading, work on some crafts I've pushed to the side and take a LONG, hot, bubbly bubble bath. 

5. Does your  husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl?
He does! When we first started dating, especially during the weeks I was sick in bed with mono, he brought me a carnation every day. Now he gets me flowers on special occasions, I LOVE them!

9 Month Photos

She wasn't a fan of grass.... this is after she tried to crawl onto the grass:

Operation I Want My Bed Back

Yep... Operating I Want My Bed Back is under way! Last night was our first night getting Boogie to sleep in her own bed and in her own room. I've been fighting with myself as to whether or not this was the right time to do this or not. Boogie is 9 months old now and while I LOVE cuddling with her, she takes up SO much room in our bed, and she had started nursing ALL night long. The night before last I felt overwhelming peace that this decision was right, that not only Boogie was ready but I was ready to let my baby girl grow up. It's hard... because you don't want your children to get big, but it has to happen. I prayed and prayed about whether what I was choosing to do was healthy and good for Boogie, and I think my Father approved! So this is how it went...

7:00pm: J gave Boogie her bath, put on her nighttime dipe and pj's, read her her books, and then I nursed her and rocked her.
7:20pm: I laid her down, and she DIDN'T WAKE UP. I was shocked! I didn't have to fight with her at all!
8:20pm: An hour later she woke up, she was a little upset but nothing too serious in the beginning. After about 30 minutes of her trying to stand up, fussing, and us laying her back down, she got so upset that (as in real crying, and not fake crying) that I picked her up, rocked her and nursed her until she went back to sleep. She woke up when I laid her down, but once J started rubbing her head and I started singing "You Are My Sunshine" to her, she was out!
9:15: This is what time she went back to sleep.
11:30pm: She woke up fussing, so nothing to serious. I just went in and patted her for about 5 minutes and she got very upset. So I picked her up and just held her and she immediately went back to sleep. I laid her back down and she was out.
11:40pm: Asleep
1:20am: Woke up just like before, went through the same routine.
1:34am: Asleep
This is where it gets rough.
3:10am: She woke up very upset, so I picked her up and did the same rocking/bouncing routine as before. She immediately fell asleep.
3:12am: Asleep in crib
3:15am: As soon as I got comfy in my bed, she was super upset again. So I repeated the steps I did before.
3:17am: Asleep in crib.
4:15am: Fussed and fussed... then started laughing and cooing so I sat in my rocking chair for about 20 minutes while she did this and laid her back down every time she sat up or stood up. After that I went and laid down and just listened to her babble hoping she would go back down.
4:45am: She started getting upset, so I went and patted her belly and sang to her, but nothing helped. At about 5am I took her out, rocked her and nursed her for about 5 minutes and laid her back down.
5:10am: Asleep in crib
6:15am: By this point, I'm exhausted... Boogie woke up crying real tears and no matter what I did she wouldn't go down. I rocked her, patted her, bounced her... nothing. So fighting tears myself, I took her back to bed and nursed her and we both slept until 11:15am

So. There you go. Wasn't a horrible night, it was exhausting, but better than I thought it would be. I hope to not have to bring her to bed every morning like that... but for the time being and for my own sanity that's what I'm doing until she sleeps a little better at night. Since we woke up so late, I'm going to just get her down for 1 nap, hopefully in her crib.. .and then we'll repeat our night time routine with J and he will be able to help over night this weekend since he's off!

If you want more info on this type of sleeping training, it's a type of Non-CIO training I found in The No Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep by Elizabeth Pantley combined with some tips on a sleeping board on babycenter. Here's a link to the post I used: How to Sleep Train Without CIO



I am completely stressed and frustrated lately... I'm not even sure how I'm staying together at this point! Last night I was looking over what classes I would need next semester in order to graduate, I only have FOUR classes left... which would be perfect, except THREE need to be science. Yea, science. My LEAST favorite subject, and there's NO way I could take 3 in one semester. I also have to take a literature class, which is ONLY offered on campus, along with two our of three of those science classes. So now, I have to figure out how I'm going to do that. I'm OK with leaving Boogie at home with J... but it's the in between time I'm worried about. We are a one car family, I'd have to have a babysitter for 30 minutes to an hour between the time where I would go to school and J would get off. Ugh! I may have to take random classes next semester that will go towards my future degree, and take more classes next Fall. I'm BEYOND annoyed at this point. I'm so ready to be DONE.

Then you have J's exam... we were hoping to pay for his certifying exam this fall so he could take it in the Spring... well after getting the clothing we needed for Boogie and paying bills... we can't afford it. Not only that, but he needs time to study for his final exam for the course first, and I don't think that's going to happen before we would need to pay for his other exam. So now we have to wait until next Fall. It's not a big deal really, but I know he wants to get it over with and we both want to move on with our lives and see what life has in store for us.

On top of all that, in the past few weeks I've learned and remembered why I stick to the friends I know well. After a while people start showing their true colors, and it ends up being that I don't want to be around them or my daughter around them. It SUCKS. I'm thankful to have two friends in this area that I can talk to, even if we're all to busy to hang out... I'm still blessed to have them in my lives. Poor Janelle has been swamped for the past month with sick kiddos, seems like every time one gets better another one gets sick! I love you friend! We will see each other eventually lol! Christa's life is crazy hectic... but we talk constantly, so even though I don't SEE her, I still know I have someone to talk to when I'm cooped up in this house! I also have a group of "virtual" friends that I've known since J and I started TTC... so for almost four years I've had a group of women to go to for just about anything! It's wonderful, because even though our group is diverse and different, we can have civil conversations about any topic and nobody gets upset or starts a bunch of drama because they don't agree on something. It's WONDERFUL.

I guess to sum it all up... I'm feeling sorry for myself today! It happens... you know? I'm just tired of feeling like I'm working my tail off to find more disappointment when it comes to school... I'm tired of thinking I have new mommy friends when really they aren't who they make themselves out to be.... and I'm tired of being stuck in this house ALL the freaking time! Did I mention that there have been rabid foxes spotted here? Not super close to our apartment, but it's still keeping me from taking Boogie for walks... I'd love to walk to the library, or down to the school to see mom with her, but that's not happening anytime soon! Ay yi yi! Ok... vent over. Sorry to anyone who just read all of that nonsense!

9 Month Check Up

Still haven't had a chance to take Boogie's 9 month pictures... but we did make it to Boogie's check up today! Boogie weighs 19 pounds and she is 27.75 inches tall... she is healthy, she is wonderful... she is absolutely positively amazing. She only needed one shot today, and had a quick little prick on her toe to check for anemia... she cried for just a minute after the shot, but she actually laughed after the toe prick LOL! My little girl is getting SO big. She has 4 teeth... she LOOKS so much older. AY YI YI! Stop growing little one!


Did You Miss Me?

I managed to squeeze in my Five Question Friday post but I haven't gotten a chance to do a little update since going on a social media hiatus! So.... Boogie turned NINE months old. Can you believe that? That means in three short months she'll be ONE. Ay yi yi! She's crawling up a storm now and pulling up on everything! She cruises along holding onto the couch and she lets go and can balance herself for a few seconds for plopping onto her bottom again. Today she kind of figured out how to push her car (it's a sitting toy that you can switch to a push toy) a few feet by herself, although I had to help her a little because the car started moving to fast for her little feet!

Sleep is unfortunately not changing here... it's a battle to get her to nap, I STILL have to hold her or lay with her in order for her to sleep. And even then it's still hard to get her to sleep! Night time is a battle as well, she fights and fights until she can't fight anymore.... and she BITES. HARD. That's one thing about nursing that I do NOT love.

Anyways... we got new diapers in Boogie's stash. Lots of BG 4.0's, Flip covers and inserts, Grovia AIO's, Rumparooz, and a few random other diapers. I bought all of them off the Babycenter CD swap and got a GREAT deal on them... J was excited to finally get some velcro diapers for him to use. He HATES snaps! I've also gotten an organic Ergo and a mei tai in the past few weeks and I'm in love! My wovens are still my go to carriers, but it's so nice to have 2 carriers that are quick to put on for a fast trip into a store or for a quick walk to them mailbox!

Boogie's 9 month check up is on Tuesday, so I'll update again with her stats and hopefully her 9 month pictures! Until then...