When Life Gives You Lemons...

I know, I know, it's been over a month since I last posted. A lot has happened in the last month, some good... mostly not so good, but we're alive, our children are growing and healthy, and we have what we need for now.

Let's start with the not so good. At the end of April, J's boss told him that it "just wasn't working out" and that he had until the 31st of May to find another job. Cue hysterical crying, hyperventilating, panic attacks and fear (at least for me). We didn't know what to do, where to go... we SHOULD have seen this coming. This woman has been awful to J since the day she started. She is hateful, selfish, and awful to her staff. As a manager, you should be part of the team NOT just give orders and sit around doing nothing, which is exactly what she does. I don't mean to be negative, but this woman has been cruel to J, my brother (who also works there), and all of the other staff, but everyone is so afraid of losing their jobs that they won't stand up for themselves or each other! J has plans to send a letter to corporate explaining how she treats her staff and the clients, not for revenge but because he doesn't feel he can leave without doing SOMETHING to let someone know how she is treating everyone at the facility.

Right now J has a job at another facility, but it's not a management position and it comes with a drastic pay cut. We are thankful that he found a job, but being thankful still doesn't pay the bills. I may have a babysitting job lined up for the school year, but until then I feel like a sitting duck. I can't get a job because whatever job I would get wouldn't cover childcare costs of our children... so that leaves everything up to J which makes me feel AWFUL. I am struggling with this, it's not just J's family that needs to be taken care, it's MINE! We are scared, more so than I can even explain, it's terrifying being in this position, especially with young children relying on us for their needs. We are trying to have faith that God will bring us through, but anyone who has been here or in a difficult situation knows that even someone with the most devout faith struggles. It's HARD being a Christian.

Thursday night J has an exam to qualify for a position with the US Postal Service, it pays slightly more than his salary now (before he is "let go" at the end of the month) but it isn't in his career field. But we are praying this is a good fit and that he'll have a chance at the job. At this point we just want to be where we were financially so that we continue to pay off debt and start a savings so that eventually we can purchase our home. With that said, I'm asking for prayers. Lots of prayers. Prayers that J's boss won't let him go sooner because he is leaving early on days he has interviews and exams, prayers that J's boss will always remember J and his faith in Christ (we know she isn't a believer, and as much as I dislike her I hope one day she finds Him), prayers that J will find a job that fulfills his need to help people and to provide for our family, prayers that we will have strength to get through, and prayers that we can keep our fears and anxiety at bay so that our children don't suffer.

Oi. Okay, with that said, how about a happy update? Bubby has TWO teeth. Within less than two weeks they have both come through, I couldn't believe it! I looked back at Boogie's baby book and realized she didn't have any teeth until just before her 8 month birthday! Bubby will also be celebrating his 1/2 birthday on the 26th. Can you believe that? I can't believe he's already 1/2 way to his 1st birthday! Bubby is also starting to sit for longer periods unassisted, which means here in the next month or so we will be starting BLW (Baby Led Weaning) again! He's such a happy, big boy!

Boogie is still working on the whole potty thing... she still won't tell me when she needs to go, but she will go when I ask her to most of the time. She is growing like a weed and continues to astound me with her vocabulary!

So again, please pray for our family, we aren't looking for sympathy or for you to say how sorry you are.... because we aren't sorry. For whatever reason, God wants us to go through this trial right now and I know eventually we won't be in this predicament any longer. So just pray for us and cheer us on! Thanks!