Project 365: Day 30

Elah's swing...
My old treasure box... except mom redid it for Miss Elah :)
We also went on a baby shopping spree today.... got everything but crib sheet and mattress pads... Janelle I'll tell you about that later lol. So everything is done and put away in Elah's room! We also decided to just buy a bassinet for our bedroom and wait to buy a pack n play. One, the bassinet will take up less room, two, Justin was freaking out about making such a large purchase, and three, she can't use the pack n play until she's older and since the packnplay w/the bassinet took up so much room we decided we could buy that in the spring. The end. Yeesh.


Project 365: Day 29

Mom redid the fabric on the Moses Basket that Janelle and I got from Kiwanis.... OWLS!

She made two sheets for it - the one already on the basket mastress and the other is folded in the basket :) I LOVE it!


Project 365: Day 27

Again, haven't done much today... so here's a piece of art I wrote about today. It's by Davinci... and I'm tired of looking at it!

Project 365: Day 26

Ay- yi- yi... I'm so behind on pictures. But frankly, I've done absolutely nothing but homework this week! We did carve pumpkins, but we just couldn't get a good picture.... so I'm going to share an old picture for your amusement...

That one's for you Miss Elah... that's your mommy and daddy just a week after we started dating :) I'm 17 and your daddy is 19. That was almost 5 years ago!



Not only did this day start off awful... I just got a notification on my phone from our local news station that we are under a tornado watch. That's great. Just GREAT. Not only am I super pregnant and have already gotten sick this morning... not only did my husband get called into work and take the ONLY vehicle we have this morning... I am flipping TERRIFIED of tornados. Just my luck. That's just GREAT.

Project 365: Day 24 & 25


Project 365: Day 22 AND 23

I have one picture for two days of Project 365... sorry :( but yesterday was a crazy busy day! So here we go....

I'm 30 weeks today!!!


Mercy Calling

You MUST listen to this song! I love it! Go to Sharon Wilbur's MYSPACE page to listen to it... and here are the lyrics:

Mercy Calling
Sharon Wilbur

Come on brother raise your hands

Come on sister raise em higher

Reachin' deeper, wake oh sleeper

Rise from the dust, arise!

Throw off your despair, throw it down

Shake off your sorrow, shake it down

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Aren't you glad that all the work's been done

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Calling out for you and everyone


Whoa whoa, for everyone and


Whoa whoa, MERCY CALLING yeah

Come on brother take a stand

Come on sister start a fire

God has called us, made us for this

Make it your hearts desire

No more with despair, throw it down

Shake off your sorrow, shake it down

Find More lyrics at

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Aren't you glad that all the work's been done

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Calling out for you and everyone


Whoa whoa, for everyone


Whoa whoa, hear it calling you

Mercy's calling you and now

Are you ever gonna be the one to go and take it

Mercy's calling you and how

Are you ever gonna answer it

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Aren't you glad that all the work's been done

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING

Calling out for you and everyone

Whoa whoa

Whoa whoa

MERCY CALLING everyone yeah

Listening closely hear the MERCY CALLING you!


Project 365: Day 21

I don't have a picture today, but that's mainly because I wanted to share Elah's bouncer totally put together. SO I'm hoping that when my dear dear wonderful amazing kind friend, Janelle, swings by to pick me up tomorrow that she'll come in for a few minutes and help me figure out how to get the last piece on... the part you see on the front that makes the bouncer bounce and play music and such... and yes. It really does bounce itself... it's AMAZING!


Project 365: Day 20

Today I took an adventure with my favorite little monsters and they're mommy to Woolworth's where they have an amazing art gallery and a quaint little soda fountain/diner :) The kids had hotdogs, chips, and pickles (but the babies enjoyed the pickles more than the big kids, LOL), Janelle had a BLT w/potato salad and I had a double decker grilled cheese w/tomato and potato salad on the side... it was delish! I viewed some interesting and beautiful art and came home this evening and wrote a pretty awesome review (atleast I hope my professor finds it awesome) on a few of my favorite pieces... and decided these would be great pictures to share today!

Here is Jonathan munching on a pickle... all that was left when he was finished was the skin! He sucked that pickle dry!
James wasn't a fan of the pickle... it looks like he was crying but I think that's just the aftermath of the sour pickle lol

Here is Jesse, JoyAnn, and Joseph enjoying their sodas while we waited for our food. The twins thought it was SO cool to drink out of glass bottles, LOL!

Project 365: Day 19

Today was a lazy day in the Massey household :-D


Project 365: Day 18

Introducing... the beautiful! The fabulous! The amazing! .....

My guitar!
Ok yea, that was lame... but I love love love love my guitar. I bought her with my OWN money in high school... by far the biggest purchase I EVER made before moving out and living on my own (with my wonderful husband ofcourse).

I'm in a singy/musical mood today... so go check out this song by JJ Heller. It's called What Love Really Means. You can listen to it on her website or her facebook page. She has an amazing voice, I only wish I sounded as amazing as she does!


Project 365: Day 17

Mom made meatball subs for dinner, so we loaded up Snickers and headed over to her house to eat... would've been great except Maggie (my brother's lab mix puppy who looks like a horse) terrorized poor Snickers :( . So Justin picked her up and cuddled with her but she still looked distraught lol.

In other news... yesterday I was 29 weeks. I really can't believe how fast this is going! Janelle is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday, then the next weekend is Halloween. Pretty soon Thanksgiving will come and go and then Christmas... and Elah will be here sometime around then! I can't believe it. I'm ecstatic and terrified... I want to do this completely naturally, I don't want any drugs or pain relievers... I just want to do it the way God created my body to do it. I don't have a lot of people supporting that endeaver, but I know I can do it. And now I want to PROVE that I can do it. I'll be honest, I'm not good with pain... but I'm terrified of needles. I would much rather get through the pain and avoid needles. May sound crazy, but I'm going to try my darndest to do it the way I WANT!

Also, I changed up my blog a bit... I found a cute owl layout :)

Project 365: Day 16


Project 365: day 14

Have a picture... still no cord. Will post soon!

Update: This picture was deleted too. Sigh. So here's a "borrowed" internet picture of the same exact cookies. I call them no bake cookies, Janelle calls them turd cookies... grrrr.


Project 365: Day 13

I have a picture to post, however I can't find the cord to my camera so I will add it later! It's a picture of my git-fiddle, or for those of you with a puzzled look on your face, my guitar. :) Music and worship does the heart good!

Update: My picture got deleted :( so here's a picture of me playing said guitar...

and yes... that is one of my cheesy senior pictures. lol


Project 365: Day 12

I spent the day with one of my best friends and two of her sweet little monsters... and I even got a few minutes with just little Chunky Butt while his brother, Monkey Butt slept (for once he slept longer than James! Wow!) I got a few cute pictures with James's sweet one tooth smile. I don't think you can see it in this picture, but he has one little tooth on the bottom! What a cutie :)


Project 365: Day 11

If you've read other posts in my blog then you might know that I write a lot about 5 little munchkins that I call the Flint Monsters... I love these guys and I realized today that the 2 youngest will be 10 months next week! Sad and exciting all at the same time! In about 2 months they'll be 1! And shortly after that ELAH will be here! EEK! What makes me really sad is that when I see how fast these 2 monsters are growing, I realize that I'll be thinking about how fast is Elah is growing NEXT October. Life flies by WAY to fast!

Here's Jonathan, my monkey butt:
And James, my chunky butt!


Project 365: Day 10

We finally finished Elah's wall letters!!!! I painted the base coats and the stripes on the 'E' and the 'A'... and then mom did the polka dots on the 'L' and the 'H' and sprayed all the letters with a clear coat. They are more green than I wanted, but I still think they look amazing! Everything's really coming together :-D


Project 365: Day 9

Guess what? I'm 28 weeks today! That means I've officially entered my third trimester (atleast according to my pregnancy book) and only have 12 weeks or less (but hopefully not more) until we meet Elah! Yay!!!!

Haven't really done much today... first thing I did this morning was get sick... ugh. Thought it was starting to go away but apparently not! So now my face is a red blotchy mess! Went to mom's for a little while and my letter's for Elah's room are almost finished! Mom is going to spray a clear glossing spray on them to finish them up and then I'll bring them home, hang them, and snap a picture for you! J and I are spending his last day of "vacation" watching some Halloween movies. We've already watched Twitches, Twitches 2, and Beetlejuice... now we're getting ready to watch the Halloweentown movie series! All of those but Beetlejuice are Disney movies, ha!


Project 365: Day 8

Mudgie is home! Justin went to pick him up early this morning, and he said that when he got there they had to take Justin to the back to get Mudgie because my poor little man was afraid to come out! He did really well otherwise, he's his regular perky self! He's still a little tired from the anesthesia and meds they gave him, and I'm sooooo glad he's home! Snickers is staying with Nana & Papaw (my inlaws) while Justin cleans the carpet... so Mudge and I are getting in some naps and cuddle time :)


Project 365: Day 7

I already knew what I wanted to write about today, however I wasn't able to take a picture...

That's Mudgett about a year ago! He was such a sweet little puppy... then he grew up to be a rambunctious, hyper, ADHD dog. Yea. When he was this small he would curl up in my lap and snuggle... now he can't sit still when you try to pet him. Kind of reminds me of a little peanut I know named Jonathan.... used to be super cuddly and STILL, now he's moving all over the place and can't sit still! EEK! Well... we decided that today was the day to get Mudgie fixed. Poor Mudgie :( He's probably going to be all drugged up and not feeling well tomorrow, but maybe I can get in some sweet cuddles and some cute pictures to share for Day 8.

Miss you Mudgie, we're praying for you! See you tomorrow! <3 Mommy


Project 365: Day 6

This year we decided to purchase little pumpkins and paint them, instead of getting large pumpkins and carving them like we usually do. We just don't have anywhere to display carved pumpkins at our apartment, so this was the next best thing. We got 5 little pumpkins (one for Justin, me, Elah, Snickers, & Mudgett) and borrowed some paint and brushes from mom... and here's a little preview for you:

The one on the left is Justin's.... DUH. He painted all 4 KISS faces on it. The middle one I painted, if you can't tell by the bug eyes it's Mudgett's. The one on the right was my crappy attempt at painting flowers and butterflies for Elah. Sigh. Oh well. Mine is a work in progress, as is the one Justin is painting for Snickers. Love Autumn :-D


Project 365: Day 5

Ok... so I didn't take any pictures today... so instead I took OTHER people's pictures... yea. I couldn't get a good picture of one of these, and the other one I don't have yet... so I'm cheating. I'm sorry. Forgive me?

First up.... my new diaper bag! My original plan was to get a Miller Bag from Vera Bradley... however all the prints I liked were sold out (I was planning on getting it on sale... needless to say, I was bummed)... so we went on a hunt for a diaper bag that I liked. I wanted a tote that was large, I hate those little tiny diaper bags that you have to strategically place diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, etc in and even after doing so you can't find anything. This bag is roomy, the interior can be wiped clean with a baby wipe, and it's super cute! I love the Bumble line that Carter's made!

Next up.... I was browsing the Cloth Diapering board on and someone had posted a thread stating that this store: Punkerdoops Diapers was going out of business and that everything left in her store was 20% off if you used the code SAVE20 when you purchased... long story short, the woman that owns the store sells out of her home, mainly out of her basement where she keeps everything organized. Someone complained and reported her, and she was told she couldn't keep her store open in her home... I feel horrible for her, I hope she finds a way to continue selling diapers and other fluff! Well... I did benefit from this however, I've been wanting an Ergo Carrier. I found one on Craigslist for $60, but the woman who had it was rude and not willing to accept my $70 offer if she would meet me halfway to pick it up. Well... after using the 20% off savings on Punkerdoops, I purchased the Ergo Carrier and the Newborn Insert for $106 (including shipping)... which is exactly how much it would have cost me to buy the ergo off the rude woman and then buy the insert full price. God must have known I wanted... maybe even needed??? lol! one of these! Woohoo!


Project 365: Day 4

Sorry this is blurry...

Today I spent the majority of the day doing homework for my online classes... yay me! Then Justin and I went to Asheville to pick up a few things we needed (pants for Justin primarily)... and we managed to come home without spending anymore money on Elah! I couldn't believe it! My daughter is already spoiled, normally any time we go to Asheville we come home with atleast one thing for her! LOL! We finished off the day by picking me up my last "meal" of the day (I'll explain that in a minute) from My Father's Pizza and headed to Nanny's to sit infront of her cozy woodstove... YES! It's woodstove season... atleast at Nanny's house! We got home from Nanny's and I shut myself up in the bedroom and did some last minute stuff for school and then Justin came in to cuddle :) hence the blurry picture (thank you Droid camera phone).
Now to explain my random meals of the day. Pregnancy has thrown my normal eating routine out the window... I don't eat breakfast, I can't. Typically I eat crackers, dry cheerios, or something bland in the a.m. because I can't keep anything else down... whatever I'm eating gets washed down with good ole' Gingerale. Yum. NOT. The rest of the day I have no schedule. I eat when I'm hungry or nauseus... and usually the rest of the day I'm nauseus because of hunger, not because of morning sickness. For instance, today, I had a bowl of Chicken Ramen around 1pm, a Sonic Burger, Sonic Fries, and sliced apples at 4pm, and then I had a stromboli and a side salad at 8pm. So again... random food hours. ::Sigh::
An update on Elah... she is fantastic! She is moving as I type actually, kicking up a storm. I'm loving being able to finally feel her all over my tummy instead of just at the base of my tummy! My next appointment is on Thursday, and I'll give you a good update then as well! Until then... goodnight!


Project 365: Day 3

Guess what?!?!!

It's SWEATER weather!!! Elah and I are very excited :-D
The past week has been super nice and cool, the leaves are changing, the air smells like fall... and Elah is moving like crazy! That's my girl! She's going to be an Autumn lover as well!

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Project 365: Day 2

Day 2! It's October 2 and I have reached week 27 in my pregnancy! That means that I am one week away from starting my 3rd trimester and that there are only 13 weeks until January 1st! WOOHOO! I took pictures from my favorite pregnancy book called Your Pregnancy, 6th Edition, by Glade B. Curtis, M.D., M.P.H. & Judith Schuler, M.S.


Project 365: Day 1

Day 1 is all about Miss Elah :)

First up we have... a bag. A diaper bag to be exact, but not your typical diaper bag. This is going to be my husband's bag to carry around when he has Elah all to himself...KISS freak? Indeed! It has roomy pockets big enough for cloth diapers, and it even has it's own changing pad. I wasn't sure whether to be super excited or to laugh hysterically... but oh how I love my KISS freak :-D
Second, we have Elah's wall letters... which aren't yet finished but a work in project. They still need another coat of paint and I am going to add stripes and polka dots :-D