Boogie is HERE!

Boogie is finally here! She is absolutely perfect, absolutely beautiful... and I have fallen head over heels for my sweet pea! I'm going to try to write my birth story, but I'm sure I'll forget some things... let's see...

On Monday night, the 27th, I was sitting in bed watching Bones and surfing the internet and felt a little trickle down there. I thought I had peed on myself a little, because being super mondo pregnant, it happens... a lot! So I went to the restroom and nothing else leaked out so I was sure it was just urine. I went back to bed and turned Bones back on and BAM! Ok, not bam... more like EEK! I could feel it start trickling, so I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom as fast as a fat pregnant woman can run and managed to make it to the bathroom just before my water broke EVERYWHERE. I yelled for J and got cleaned up and we got dressed to head to the hospital.

After calling and speaking to one of the midwifes, the decision was made to stay home for 12 hours or until contractions started and picked up a bit. Janelle came over so that she could take us to the hospital and be my second support person (thank GOD for her). We watched some more Bones and we all got some sleep, not nearly enough, but a couple hours atleast. Nothing happened... just some measly (sp?) little menstrual like cramping. Around 6:30am we called my mom and asked if we could come hang out at her house until it was time for us to head to the hospital... I really wanted her to braid my hair to keep it out of my face, she's a french braiding pro LOL.

Finally, around 9:30am on the 28th we headed to the hospital. We were so excited, a little bit nervous, but incredibly excited. They checked my progress in the L&D triage unit and I wasn't having any contractions, and the nurse couldn't get a sample of my water because it wasn't trickling anymore... however when the midwife came in to check my cervix it was DEFINATELY leaking again. I was 3.5 cm dialated so they admitted me and started me on pitocin to kick start my contractions.

The beginning of my contractions were totally manageable. My goal was to have a natural, drug free labor, with the exception of the pitocin ofcourse. However... sometimes your plans change. The regular contractions were painful, but I was handling them really well. Then a couple of hours into labor I started having terrible back labor... horrible, painful back labor. I can't even describe to you the pain I endured, they were lasting a minute or more, were a minute apart. I had no time to breathe, no time to relax, no time to get a grip and deal with the pain. It was continuous... and even in that tiny 1 minute break, the contractions would stop but the back pain never went away. I asked about alternative pain medications... if you don't know me very well, then let me tell you... I am horribly afraid of needles. I was terrified of getting an epidural or a spinal... absolutely terrified. They offered me a drug (I can't remember the name of it) that would help me relax between contractions, however, after talking to Janelle we realized it wouldn't be the best choice for me. Apparently a lot of people that use that do rest between contractions, but because they rest so deeply they end up feeling like they have one endless horrible contraction... and never realize that they did in fact get to rest in between pains.

I chose to have an epidural, I was around 6.5 cm dialated at this point... this was after all that back labor, trying heating pads, the water tub, etc etc. I was so scared, I was crying in pain, crying in fear... and I was so incredibly blessed to have my amazing hubby and amazing friend Janelle there to support me. They loved on me, and reassured me the entire time. I got on the bed and into position to get the epidural and I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to hold still during my contractions. Janelle and J stood infront of me, Janelle prayed over me and held my hand, J held my hand... and I cried. It was over with pretty quickly, but I can assure you that that moment was the most terrifying moment in my life.

The nurse got me laying down in the bed and the epidural kicked in almost immediately... thank goodness! I was finally able to rest, and ONE HOUR later I was fully effaced and dialated and ready to push! I believe they said that I pushed for one hour, seemed a lot shorter than that to me... it was incredible. I thought that getting the epidural would mean I wouldn't be able to feel anything. I was wrong though! I was tingly and definately numb, but I could feel her moving down and crowning.

At 9:07pm, on December 28th, 2010 my beautiful baby girl was born! She had the cord wrapped around her a couple of times... and she had a little bit of trouble breathing at first... but she found her bearings and cried beautiful cries. Janelle cut her cord and they handed her off to me and she had the most beautiful big blue eyes! She was 5lbs 13 oz, 18.5 inches long... and BEAUTIFUL. I only needed 2 stitches to repair a tiny tear, the epidural wore off pretty quickly, and by 12am we were moved into a mommy/baby room ready to start our lives!

J was amazing, he was so supportive and loving. I couldn't have wished for a better husband, God definatley had his hand in choosing him to be my life partner and best friend. Janelle was my rock, she was incredibly supportive and I believe I made the BEST choice in choosing her and her husband to be Boogie's godparents. My midwife, Dolly, was incredible... she never stopped praising me and letting me know how well I was doing and that I was making good decisions. The nurses were amazing... and despite the horrible back labor, I had an AMAZING birth experience. I know what to expect when we decide to have more children, and I'll know what to do if I have back labor in any other birth experiences in the future!

Boogie is a wonderful baby, she sleeps a LOT, is latching and feeding pretty well, and she makes the most precious faces. All of her grandparents are thrilled and adore her.... Uncle Josh and Uncle Pickle are smitten... and mommy and daddy are head over heels!


I Lied... One Last Post. *39 Weeks*

How far along? 39 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight as of Thursday.

Maternity clothes? I'm uncomfortable, so I avoid wearing jeans... even maternity jeans if possible. Sweats and pjs are SO much more comfy!

Stretch marks? same old same old

Sleep: Well... I've gotten up between 5:30am-8am every morning... then I fall back asleep a couple hours later for about 2 hours EVERY day. This morning, J woke me up at 4:30am to say Merry Christmas... and I'm still awake. I'm sure I'll crash at some point.

Best moment this week: Seeing my family for our annual Christmas Eve get together... can't wait for Elah to meet everyone!

Movement: She's running out of room... constantly have knees and feet jabbing me in the sides and ribs!

Food cravings: Fruit... particularly pineapple

Gender: Pretty pretty princess...

Labor signs: Still have minor menstrual like cramping, occasionally lower back pain... haven't lost anymore of my plug since about Wednesday. I'm really hoping to start seeing some more definite signs soon.

Belly button in or out? It officially sticks out just enough to see it through a tshirt. But it's still an innie/outie lol

Wedding rings on or off? Still wearing my "replacement" ring

What I miss: Seeing my feet, cold lunch meat sandwiches, jeans w/buttons and zippers to hold them up, all my hoodies that won't fit over my bump

What am I looking forward too: Holding her, loving on her, meeting her...

Weekly Wisdom: I'm sticking to what I said last week... It's really ok to whine and complain... no matter what anyone says. If it makes you feel better, then WHINE AWAY MOMMA!

Milestones: Ummm... not sure. Haven't had much happen this week!



Blogging Hiatus

I've decided to put a pause on blogging until Elah gets here... Project 365 will start up where I left off once we're home and settled, and I will probably try to squeeze a blog in at the hospital when she's finally here. This will be my last blog until then... I need a break!

This Christmas is a little bit bittersweet... it's incredibly exciting because Elah could be here any day, but I know her daddy really wanted her here for Christmas. This holiday is also extremely depressing because it's also the anniversary of my Granny passing away. She passed away on December 26th of last year... and needless to say, it makes the holidays a lot different from what I'm used too.

For as long as I can remember, every year, on Christmas Eve my Granny and Papaw would have a family get together with all of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I don't think I've ever missed a get together! Last few years were tough because Papaw passed away a few months before Christmas in 2006, but we kept the tradition going because it was important to keep the family together and for Granny to have everyone by her side. Then last year happened... and now a few members of our family have chosen not to participate because the two people who held our family together are gone. It feels so wrong, especially since a new member will be here soon. It makes me angry... it makes me sad... I want my daughter to experience that tradition, but I have a feeling it's not ever going to be the same.

Selfishly, I would love to go into labor right now, before the 26th so that I don't have to feel the pain of losing my grandmother all over again, but I have a feeling that Elah is going to take her time getting here. And that's not her fault. I just wish that having her here could make things easier on everyone.

We're also supposed to be going to the annual Christmas Dinner at Justin's nanny's house, but this year they decided to have it on Christmas day... and we had already decided that starting this year... there would not be anymore running around to everyone's houses on that day. I had to make a slight exception to go to my parents house because Justin is working... and I didn't want to be home on Christmas by myself. So we won't be attending that Christmas Dinner, and I know Justin is disappointed... but I'm going to be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I'm already super uncomfortable, highly irritable... and frankly I just don't want to be around that many people at once. And even more so than that... I don't want to be around anyone smoking, and I don't want to be around any colds or illnesses (I don't know if anyone is sick...but it IS that time of year). I don't need to be sick when I go into labor... heck no.

So yea... I need a break from blogging, and a break from everything else too I guess until Elah is here. Everyone is excited and anticipating her arrival, and sometimes I just wish I could hide and not come out until she gets here... I'm tired of people. Aren't I just a bundle of holiday cheer this year? Next year will be better.

Until Elah's birthday.... Merry Christmas... Happy New Year.... (I hope she's here before the new year atleast)... and adieu.


Christmas Card

Seasonal Chic 2010 Christmas 5x7 folded card
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It's a Bowl of Love!

Another day with no labor. ::SIGH:: I visited with the Flint fam today, Mr. JoJo got sick this a.m., but he was in high spirits the entire time I was there. JoyAnn and Jesse galloped/danced around in tights (yes, even Jesse) being silly... and the babies were just their usual selves. James even discovered his belly button today... wish I had that on video! LOL!

After that, Justin and I spent the afternoon at home... had an interesting visit for our landlord... really strange. No worries though... nothing bad, but I will say that I'm wierded out and will be looking for a new rental in the Spring.

Had dinner w/the inlaws, it's Jerry's (my FIL) 50th birthday.... Elah says HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA GREY! Lots of laughs... lots of jokes... lots of Mudgie freaking out as usual.

Today was a good day though, just wishing I was heading to the hospital. Ugh. So much for a full moon right?

Project 365: Day 83


Project 365: Day 82

My cousin Chris and his wife Miranda live in Ohio (along with the rest of my mom's family), and they have 2 children, Owen and Lily. I received a package from this yesterday for Miss Elah... and they are PRECIOUS!

A baby blanket and a stuffed octupus... how cuteis that?!?!?!!?

Long Day

It's been a really long day... and I'm grumpy as heck. :-\

The Flints came and picked me up this a.m. for my 38 week prenatal appointment, and like my morning, Janelle's started off rough so both of our days kind of started off on the wrong foot. I could tell she was stressed, and the kids were having a hard time today... which is totally normal, but it does make for a hard day. I LOVE you Janelle, you are AMAZING. She dropped me off at my appointment and went to put gas in the car and stop at Starbucks... I was a little bit late, but they got me in pretty quickly. The NST was fabulous, Elah cooperated again this time, so that's good. After that I waited FOREVER to get into a regular room to be seen by the only midwife on staff today. When she finally came in she informed me that I have a UTI... I didn't have a clue, I had no symptoms! She checked the fundal height... measuring perfectly, checked Elah's position, and as I figured Elah is head down with her back on my right side (she STAYS there), her but between my ribs and her knees just around my left rib. She didn't check my cervix, so I don't know if I've progressed at all. Needless to say... I'm bummed. I was hoping for a better update then that!

We eventually got home and ate lunch, I didn't get to spend much time with Janelle and the kids today, but I'm glad to atleast have gotten to see them today! Justin picked me up to go see my mother in law's Christmas program at the nursing home she works at. I couldn't handle sitting in the chairs the provided, it was killing my hips, so we walked around and checked out some of the Christmas trees they had decorated.

I was hoping to talk the inlaws or my parents into going to town with us to walk around the mall or Target or something with the slight chance that it might put me into labor.... but nobody budged :-\ So J and I decided to bundle up, throw the sweaters on the dogs, and we headed to the lake to walk. It was a good idea... except for my nose going numb. Didn't do anything though.

So basically it was a long, drawn out day... and I'm in a foul mood and I'm tired of being pregnant. I used to hate hearing women say that, because when we were trying for soooo long to get pregnant I would think "Stop complaining! Atleast you ARE pregnant.". Now I understand. Being pregnant is amazing, it's a blessing, it's a miracle.... and it can be pretty miserable as well. I'm entirely uncomfortable. I'm tired of having Justin tie my shoes for me. I'm tired of maternity clothes. I miss my boyfriend jeans from Old Navy without the elastic band on the waist. I miss bending over to pick up things without feeling like I'm crushing my lungs. I just want my daughter in my arms and my body back. I'll be 39 weeks on Saturday and I'm beyond ready. Do you hear me Elah? Mommy is ready... daddy is ready... Auntie Janelle is ready... your grandparents are ready... we are ALL ready.

Baby Jiggles

I apologize... the movements are a little hard to see, but I wanted to document them for my family! Elah's NeNe and Nana were thrilled! Time markers to REALLY watch for: 0:12, 0:54, 0:57, 1:03, & 1:45. Enjoy!


New Favorite Website.... EEE!!! **PHOTOBOMB**

This site has so much more than owl stuff... but it's obviously what caught my eye! I will be shopping here for my birthday come March... and we'll just say Justin did the shopping ;-)

I'm in love. My name is Sarah.... and I think I have a problem.

Project 365: Day 81

Today I didn't take any pictures.... but for once, I have good reason!

No. I'm not in labor. No. I'm not happy about it. But yes... I still have a good reason. Today, the two smallest Flint Monsters turned ONE. How the heck did that happen? So today, I'm posting a few pictures of them to share how BIG they are!

Let's start with my chunky monkey, James....

And the "peanut"... who is already WALKING and RUNNING.... Jonathan!

Happy first birthday little monsters.... Justin and I ADORE you!


Project 365: Day 80

If you can't tell... this is the dog crate that Snickers & Mudgett sleep in at night... somehow Mudgett managed to get one of their blankets tucked into the top of the cage.... how he did that... I have NO idea.

Granny & Papaw

The closer we get to meeting Elah, the more I've been thinking about my grandparents. My dad's parents were phenomenal, they were seriously the most amazing grandparents any kid could dream of. I spent many summer days and weekends with them, many trips to the lake to play at the park, many trips to Lake Powhatan to go camping, and many many many trips to Little Granny's (my granny's mother) house while Papaw worked in his garden. I have so many incredible memories with them!

Some of the many things I remember about my Granny...
  • Cornbread and milk
  • Finding her teeth in CRAZY places (you have no idea....)
  • Playing with her long dark hair... which eventually turned gray and she started cutting when I was in middle school
  • Hearing stories about her play basketball, taking care of her 13 siblings (yes, 13), and storeis about my dad and his siblings
  • Walking around the block, stopping to visit random people that she would just stop and talk too... and usually she ended up telling them how awesome God is :)
  • Listening to her play the old organ in her house
  • She taught me how to braid with yarn... we must have made thousands of bracelets with that yarn
  • Making runny, gross, green, sugar cookies shaped as Christmas trees with her and my cousin, Broghan
Some of the many things I remember about  my Papaw:
  • Riding in his old green truck to Little Granny's house to work in the garden
  • Going home with him after church (with him driving about 10 mph), picking up some Ingles fried chicken, and jojo potatoes
  • Kissing the top of his balding head every time I walked in the door and him making the "hoo-hoo!" sound like the Pillsbury doughboy when I did so
  • He always had pens and paper in his shirt pockets
  • Smelling cigar smoke on camping trips when he and dad would smoke
  • Suspenders, Carolina Blue hats, black dress shoes, and button up shirts
  • When he smiled... it literally lit up his entire face... best smile ever
  • Visiting Grandma Minnie (papaw's mom) in the nursing home... he loved her so much
A lot of those memories I made with my grandparents can't be repeated for Elah, but I hope she makes incredible memories with my parents as I did with my dad's parents. My dad is a lot more like Papaw then he knows... so I know she's going to have an amazing Papaw, I just can't wait to see what kinds of memories they'll create together!


2 weeks or less...

Justin and I decided to go on a little "date" today... why you ask? If you read my previous posts, I'm 38 weeks pregnant today... well in 30 minutes I'll be 38 weeks and 1 day, LOL! Which means that in 2 weeks or less (hopefully not more than that, ugh) Elah will be in my arms! So we though it'd be nice to have our last date before we become parents, however, it didn't really feel date like. We tried a restaraunt called Papa's and Beers... I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. I've heard GREAT things from friends about this restaraunt, and the food wasn't that bad, but the service was awful, and it was incredibly claustraphobic (sp?) where we were sitting which isn't fun when you're NOT pregnant... not a good experience. We were also planning on going to see a movie but when J checked the weather forecast we had a chance of snow, and we decided to just go piddle around town for a little while instead of watching a long movie... I was afraid we'd go into the movie with a clear day outside and come back out with white on the ground. But in reality, nothing happened weather wise today except for the fact that its COLD!

I've been having menstrual cramping off and on for about 2 weeks now, nothing consistent, and when it is consistent it's continuous like real menstrual cramping so it's not something you can time. Today on the way home from town I started having back aches too, but once I started walking into our apartment that went away. So I'm totally bummed, I thought something might actually be happening!

We went to mom's house to see her and dad and we even brought our Wii Fit Plus over so we could play it with them (ofcourse before we even set it up they both said no and dad headed to the William's Christmas party... which is all of my Granny's siblings and relatives). I was hoping to hula hoop/kung fu chop/step aerobics Elah out! Well guess what. The batteries died in my Wii Fit board and we didn't have any other batteries to replace them. Ugh. Ofcourse! So much for that idea!

Tomorrow is the makeup day for our church's Christmas music production... it got snowed out last week. I'll be attending that with my parents in the morning, and I will LAUGH if I go into labor during that because Janelle has a solo and she has to sing in BOTH services lol! I kind of doubt that will happen though. Wishful thinking.

I am incredibly ready... I'm ready to meet my daughter and I'm ready to officially start our family. I know I say this over and over.... but seriously. I'm FREAKING ready! Sorry for so much rambling but oh well. It happens. Happy 38 weeks to me!

Project 365: Day 79

So Target has these pjs.... for toddlers, girls and WOMEN. I want them... I really really really do. BUT I am not spending $25 for them. I hate being cheap.

Project 365: Day 78

We had dinner with the Flints last night... Jesse decided it would be funny to try on JoyAnn's "heels" LOL!
 And then.... he was going over to Memaw's.... check out those socks! I love my Jesse bear :)

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I've gained 3 lbs this week...  so I'm 1 lb above my pre pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes? I'm still able to wear a few of my pre pregnancy tops, and I've found lots of button ups that work now and will work great for breastfeeding!

Stretch marks? No new ones... but I still have a ton.... ugh.

Sleep: I sleep for about 5 hours every night and then cat nap off and on until about 11ish everyday. The sleep isn't consistent enough for me to get full rested though, but I guess I should just be thankful that I'm sleeping at all!

Best moment this week: Elah actually cooperated for my NST today! Aunt Janelle told her she had to cooperate, and she listened... lol!

Movement: She is kicking me in the ribs right now actually... and it hurts :-\ If I press against my ribs she just kicks harder, I was hoping it would make her move away, but no luck! I'm so ready to feel her kick OUTSIDE of my body lol!

Food cravings: Greasy, gross, unhealthy crap... and SWEETS! Janelle, J, and I made oreo truffles and peppermint bark today :-D

Gender: Pretty pretty princess...

Labor signs: Menstrual like cramping... but its not radiating to my back... but hopefully, HOPEFULLY it means she'll be here soon!

Belly button in or out? When my belly is super hard, its almost flat.... when my tummy is normal (like right now) it's still an inny.

Wedding rings on or off? I'm wearing my "replacement" ring... and it fits perfect now... which could be from my weight gain or perhaps my hands are slightly swollen.

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, laying on the couch with Snickers lounged on my belly (she's a freaking heater!), sweet sweet bear hugs from my Jesse bear.... it's just not the same with Elah in the way! LOL!

What am I looking forward too: VACATION. We are taking a trip to TN with our favorite Flint family in May... I CAN'T WAIT!

Weekly Wisdom: It's really ok to whine and complain... no matter what anyone says. If it makes you feel better, then WHINE AWAY MOMMA!

Milestones: I went over my prepregnancy weight? LOL Not much happened this week except for that!


Growth Spurt...

Ok... seriously. Elah HAS to be going through a growth spurt. I have eaten so much food today... and not ANYTHING even relatively healthy. I can't even believe it.... and yet I'm sitting here eating the last few pieces of pizza we had in the fridge. I'm embarrassed to even admit what I've actually eaten today, but I don't think you'll understand what I mean unless I share.

I didn't eat ANYTHING this morning... mornings are not fun to be honest, I'm starting to backtrack and feel nauseus every morning again. Eating just makes it worse, so I usually drink a ton of water and then eat a late lunch instead. So I went to Asheville with Janelle and her mom Brenda... we went to Arby's and I got a LARGE Roastbeef sandwich (like the biggest one they have) w/a large fry and a huge Dr. Pepper (my newest craving.... I LOVE Dr. Pepper). Couple hours later we go to Huddle House with my inlaws for my mother in laws birthday.... I wasn't going to eat, just go to celebrate... Ugh. I looked at the menu and couldn't resist. Shame on me! I ordered a waffle w/strawberries and whipped cream, hashbrowns w/jalapeno and a hot chocolate. Nice combo huh? I can't believe I did that. NOW... I'm eating pizza. I'm going to have to live off fruit and vegetables tomorrow to make up for my lack of nutrition today. WTH is wrong with me? I'm seriously disgusted with myself.... ew.

Project 365: Day 77

This is my father in law and Snickers..... she LOVES her Pawpaw obviously lol!


I've been working on putting some music on my Itunes for the hospital, and as I was going through my CD's I came across several burnt CD's that J and I made for eachother when we first started dating. It got me to thinking about the first few months of our relationship, how I fell head over heels for this shy, KISS fanatic. Then I started thinking about the first moment when I just KNEW I was going to marry him... I already knew that I was falling for him in the first few weeks of our relationship, but the turning point for me was in the reaction of one of my favorite kids.

I talk about my little Flint Monsters a lot, I know... but they are a huge part of my life, as is there mommy, Janelle. When I first met them Janelle was pregnant with JoyAnn and Jesse, and Joseph was 2 1/2 and hadn't been diagnosed with autism yet. I started babysitting them when the babies were around 6 months old, and at the time Joseph was at a stage where he didn't want to be touched or talked too... there were many nights of babysitting where he would just scream at me. Obviously he has grown out of that, and I understood that it wasn't because I was doing something wrong but because he just couldn't handle that attention yet.

So, a year later the twins were 1 and Joseph was getting ready to turn 4 and I was in this new exciting relationship with Justin. I had to get Janelle's approval ofcourse ;-) and asked if I could bring him over to meet her family. We walk in the door and step into their living room and within 5 minutes of meeting Justin, Joseph is hugging him, talking to him, and wanting to sit on his lap. Now... this just didn't happen! Joseph acted like he had known Justin his entire life... it took me MONTHS for Joseph to allow me to hold him or talk to him without screaming, and here walks in my boyfriend and Joseph immediately is drawn to him. I KNEW in those moments that I would marry this man. If my sweet little buddy JoJo could see how amazing Justin was, then I knew he was the one for me.

Joseph still adores my husband, he frequently asks if we can have pizza dates and watch movies and invite Justin to come along. I thought a lot about this today and it still amazes me that that one simple interaction between two boys that I adore set the path I would choose to take. What a blessing you are JoJo! And how lucky am I to have an amazing hubby, who despite his shyness allowed a little boy to love on him no matter how uncomfortable it made him! LOL!