Welcome to My Life

So this place that we're fixing up. I'm seriously about to throw my hands up and say FORGET IT! I'm DONE! I can't ofcourse, because we have practically invested ALL of the money I got back from school into it. Mhmm. Wasn't expecting to do that, but we did. It was in a lot worse shape than we thought... and then ofcourse when the landlord comes to see it... we've done too much work? I'm sure he thinks we're going to pass all the receipts to him, and we're not. So UGH! We are fixing it up for OUR benefit. It was GROSS before, it's getting better now. I'm just tired of it really. I'm tired of being in my mother's house and her continually telling me how much she wants us to leave, she doesn't say it straight out, but obviously she doesn't have too!

On a brighter note, Mudgett is here :-D I love him! He's a hoot... hyper active... exhausting.... and I LOVE him! Snickers is having a hard time, but she's getting better!

Also, I just have a lot going on right now, and I could use some prayers. Prayers are ALWAYS good! So here's to hoping this month was worth it!


Ups & Downs

Well... today has been both good and bad. BLAH. How about the exciting news first?

Mudgett is ours! All we have to do is "meet" him, and ofcourse pay the adoption fee... and then we get to take him home! YAY! I'm SOOOOOOO excited :-D

On a sadder note... after 4 years of NEVER EVER getting pulled over or ANYTHING... I get pulled over for a headlight that was out. Really? I mean really? I JUST had my car inspected, wth? I freaked ofcourse, the area I got pulled over at is notorious for pulling over speeders, so I was FREAKING out... because I KNEW I wasn't speeding. And to beat it all, the stupid policeman was LAUGHING at me. He only gave me a warning, but it doesn't mean he didn't make my heart race faster than a racehorse. UGH. I also have to figure out HOW I'm going to replace my light within 3 days... especially considering I am flat broke.

I want Mudgett now :(


Puppies, Painting and Problems

Mudgett is his name. And I want him to be MINE! We filled out the paperwork yesterday, and they are just waiting to hear from Snicker's vet to confirm we are responsible "parents"... and then he's ours! Woo Woo! Snickers will be a big sister! Yay! He's a mutt to be honest... he is a beagle, dachshund, chihuahua, pug mix.... what a mouthful! Let's call him a... Deagle Chug. So we have a Doodle & a Deagle Chug :-D (Snickers is a Dachshund/Poodle mix).
So other than that exciting news, we have begun our journey of "remodeling" our trailer. Ann & Eddie (our landlords) are letting us do whatever we want to the trailer... so these are our plans ::cue dramatic music::. We have been painting A LOT. The kitchen, living room and hall are a really really light blue, really brightens the place up. And the bedrooms will be a creamy vanilla whitish color? It matches my bedspread, lol. We are getting vinyl squares that look like dark stone for the bathroom and kitchen, and tomorrow we are going to a few places to get prices on carpet and installation. We are going to paint the kitchen cabinents white, and we are replacing all the yucky black light switches and sockets with pretty new whites ones, hahah! We are also planning a few other things, but we haven't really decided about those yet... so that will be another blog on another day.
We do have a problem though. A mouse. I'm not afraid of mice... but I don't want mice in my house. I was changing clothes in the bathroom today, and as I was putting on my shorts the mouse ran right under my legs..... holy freakn crap. Scared the CRAP out of me! That's the only thing I don't like about mice... they come out when you least expect them too! AH! So he's under the washer somewhere... I have to figure out who this fella got in so we don't have anymore of them. I told Justin that we HAVE to catch him and let him free outside... FAR from our house... I DO NOT kill animals, no matter if it's a tiny mouse or a deer. Not happening, sorry! He's a defenseless animal just trying to survive... no need to harm him, lol. Although, I'm sure I might have given him a heart attack when I yelled... ugh. So yea. That's our main dilemma right now. Anyone have any ideas of how we could humanely catch our little mouse friend?



It's 2am... and I have to be up in 5 hrs to get ready for school (and stop at the grocery store for cough medicine... ick). I am exhausted, but I think I'm so exhausted that I can't go to sleep, and frankly that STINKS! Our new home (well new to us) is slowly coming together. Justin mowed and weedeated today, and that made a huge difference, but he's going to pressure wash the exterior walls to get some grime off of them, yuck. Tomorrow, we start painting. Mom helped us pick out the paint, we got a creamy whitish kind of color for our room - my bedspread is a vintage lacey looking comforter in black and creamy whitish vanillaish.... I don't know what it's called, ha! The living room/kitchen/dining room/hall/office will be a light light blue, it's almost white it's so light, but it's bright and cheerful! If the place wasn't so mall I would have picked BLAM! in your face kind of colors, because I like BLAM! in your face colors... like red, yellow, navy blue, yea. But it IS small, and we need it to not feel so small, lol!

In other news, my amazing friend found out she is have twin boys today... yay :-) They have one diva and 2 boys already... but as I said before... 1 diva (or pouty princess) is enough! Ha! I'm excited to meet their precious little ones, what a blessing! Justin and I have been talking A LOT about babies, especially since Janelle got pregnant. We talk about names, how we would decorate their rooms, etc. These are the names we like (for 4 kids.... are we crazy? ha!). For the boys, we like: Cooper Liam - we just like both of those names, Gibson Frank - the first name is a brand of a guitar that I LOOOOOOOVE and Frank is my paternal grandfather's name, Finley "Finn" Joseph - Finn is a name I fell in love with in Montreat and Joseph is my dad's name, and Elias Noble - Elias is just a great name, it's similar to Elijah in the bible and Noble is my mother's maiden name but we also wanted to name one son after my maternal grandfather... but Stephen and Kiesling aren't our favorites, ha! For girls we like Olivia Grace - beautiful names, Chloe Elisabeth - J just loves Chloe for a girl, and Elisabeth is my paternal grandmother's middle name but with an S instead of a Z, Isla Hope - pronounced EE-Luh is a name I love, a girl I babysat had this name and I just loved it and I also love Hope, Lillian Ann - Lillian is my maternal grandma's first name and Ann is a shortened version of WillAnn, which is Justin's maternal grandmother's name. Yea.... we talk about that a lot, lol! We also decided that for our first child, if we have a boy we want to decorate the nursery with sailboats and light houses! If we have a girl for our first child, we want to decorate with polka dots of bright pink and green. So pretty much, we have NO life.

Anyways, I think now that I have typed about absolute random nonsense, I'll try to lay down and go back to sleep.


"The time has come," the walrus said, "To talk of other things, of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabagges and kings, and while the see is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings."



For the first time in months... I am totally content. What a wonderful feeling! We have a house. Well, it's a trailer... but it's ours to fix up as we please! It's in rough shape, but we can paint, put new floors down, anything we want to do! The couple that owns the place are friends of the family, a coworker of moms & fellow churchmembers... and they ROCK. Anything we do to the house will come out of our rent, so if we put 150 in, we pay 150 less on our rent. We don't have to pay ANYTHING until november 1 because of how much work we have to put into it... and I am so excited! We're hoping to get some paint tomorrow, and possibly some hardware for the kitchen cabinents and some of the drawers in the smaller bedroom... after that we want to get new linoleum for the kitchen & bathroom and possibly find some long rugs to put in the hallway! Once everything is fixed up we're going to have a cookout... and JANELLE you and your children are invited for smores & a campout :-D. (Miss Joyann has been bugging me for WEEKS about a campout!) That's really all for now, I'm sure at some point I'll post pictures of our progress... but it's pretty icky right now. So maybe no pictures until we're done! HA!


Blessed Blessed Blessed...

I'm jumping up and down, laughing, screaming, AHHHHHHHHHH! We are moving out! Thank goodness, good riddance.... we're moving out! An assistant teacher my mom works with, Ann, who also goes to church with us, has a trailer at the end of her drive that they rent out. The guy that was living there left on bad terms, and so.... now it's OURS! We have a home! We have a yard! We don't have to live with my parents! WOOHOO!!!! It's cheap, affordable.... and it's in Black Mountain, what could be better? This is perfect, because we can stay there until I graduate and find a teaching position... yay yay yay yay yay!


Are you ready for a change?

I am! Oh Oh pick me! Pick me! Hmph. Change is really really what J and I are needing these days. Thus, our amazing plan of renewed independance. Our 2 year anniversary is coming up in 13 days... yes, I am counting, and we have decided to embark upon a new journey. With the money I am getting back from school, we are MOVING OUT. Yes, we're doing it... we can NOT take it anymore and we are going for it. This is our anniversary celebration. Starting tomorrow, we will start hunting... and hopefully by the time the money comes in (shortly after our anniversary) we will be ready to hit the road and make our new place HOME. No, I am not working at the moment... BUT we will have enough in our savings to cover about 6 months... that SHOULD (hopefully) be enough to get us through 1/2 a year. I'm SURE I will either start a job that is being talked over at this moment, or find something to get me through until then. I KNOW that will God will provide, because He ALWAYS comes through, one way or another. That said, please pray! I am TERRIFIED. I am THRILLED. Did I mention that I'm terrified? I am so ready to sleep in my own bed, wash clothes in my own washer, and cook on my own stovetop. Thank you. The end.