Final Two Weeks of December...

It's just 45 minutes from 2013 and I am finally getting around to updating you on Christmas, Bubby's one month birthday, Boogie's 2nd birthday and all the wonderful things about the end of 2012! Christmas was wonderful, we had an evening with my in-laws a few nights before Christmas and Boogie got to open her Christmas gifts and her birthday gifts from them that evening. She was thrilled! This year has definitely been a whirlwind of fun with her compared to last year, she was so enthusiastic about opening presents, and according to J she wakes up every morning saying, "presents please!" Ha! Christmas Eve my parents and brother (Uncle Pickle) came over to do our family Christmas and we made Christmas dinner that day as well. Boogie is absolutely in love with her Uncle Pickle, she just adores him... and she had a blast bossing him around that day! Christmas day was full of laughter, family, and enjoying all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives.

The day after Christmas Bubby turned 1 month old... which means today he is 5 weeks old. How did that happen? I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that we were pulling into the Flint's driveway with contractions just starting, right? Geez! Bubby is precious, he's definitely calmer and more relaxed then Boogie ever was, which is good for us not only because he's "easier" but because I don't have the kind of time I did with Boogie. I seriously held her and rocked her and wore her and laid with her all day everyday. Obviously, with a 2 year old underfoot that's just not possible. He's a decent sleeper most nights, though I'm dreading next week because 6 weeks seems to be a big growth spurt for all babies, I remember blogging about that actually and I've read many stories from fellow November mommies about it this past week! We got our first big smiles from Bubby on Saturday and he isn't as forthcoming with them as Boogie was, but when he smiles his entire face just lights up! He brings me SO much joy, and since we just started potty training a little monster of mine, most days I need that extra joy!

Speaking of that monster, she turned TWO on Friday (the 28th!) Yikes! My beautiful, precocious, stubborn little princess of a girl is officially two. I canNOT believe it. She's definitely been showing her age, but ontop of doing so she's also come down with a cold (which could be why she was a bit of a monster last week... sorry baby, but you were!) We've also drifted into the world of potty training and so far it is NOT going well. Not only does she have my strong will and stubborness but she has double that from her daddy... we're in so much trouble! To sum it up here are a few pictures from the past few weeks:

Hannah came to visit!

And she brought Andy!

Boogie loves "Hanny"... or "Buddy" lol

Uncle Pickle with Bubby on Christmas Eve

Her expressions on Christmas Day opening presents were GREAT!

Love this boy!

But he wasn't all that sure about this whole opening presents thing...

Boogie on her birthday... not so thrilled about having her picture taken. Though I think this was Day 1 of not feeling well :(

2 week newborn photos!

Well, there you have it! 2012 was a great year for us, even with a few not so fun things, we still have lots of wonderful memories that outweigh the bad! Boogie weaned from breastfeeding at 18 months, we found out we were pregnant in April, found out Bubby was a boy in June, and I birthed him the way I wanted in November. Boogie turned two, I turned 23, J turned 25... and we can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! Happy New Year my friends, I hope God blesses you as much as He has blessed us!


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I'll update tomorrow with pics and more on Bubby who is ONE MONTH OLD tomorrow! WOW!


Baking Up a Storm...

It's just a few days til Christmas and I have been in a major baking mood as of late... made cupcakes for the youngest Flint Monsters for their THIRD birthday (12/20)! Can you believe it? 3 years ago I posted a blog entry welcoming them... you can read that HERE. Happy Birthday boys! Then today I decided instead of buying gifts for our friends and family I would bake some yummy goodies. A couple of years ago if I had mentioned trying to do that to J he would have laughed at me (seriously... he is the only reason I know how to cook/bake... I used to burn noodles. How does that even happen?). I've gotten much MUCH better though, and I LOVE it. Today I made no bake chocolate peanut butter bars, red velvet cheesecake brownies, and I have the dough for chocolate peppermint crackle cookies in the fridge ready to be balled up and baked in the morning! I wanted to bake more but I'm running out of time, so I guess those will suffice for this year, right?

Anyways, I wanted to wish all of my readers (however many of you there actually are) a very Merry Christmas... I hope to post sometime next week with an update on Bubby (he'll be a month old on Tuesday!) and Boogie (she'll be TWO next Friday!). God Bless!


Consider It Pure Joy...

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4

God must have known I would need this verse today... I've started receiving daily devotionals via email from Proverbs 31 Ministries . I discovered their wallpapers and found one that I really loved and put it on my laptop, and it happened to have that verse on it. Ok, God! There's a lot going on in our life as a family right now, mainly concerning J's career and position he is in now. It's hard to consider what we're facing pure joy, but as He is making it clear... I should, because through this trial we will come out more mature and complete! 

Beyond the trials of J's employment I must say that life is grand! I am cherishing these sweet newborn moments with Bubby, he's growing so fast and if I blink too long he'll be grown before I know it. It's amazing how already my relationship with my daughter and my son are so different. I love them equally and wholeheartedly, but there's something special about a mother/daughter and a mother/son relationship. Boogie and I have had two years of bonding, she is my sunshine, she is the light of my life. I adore her sweet little voice, her happy giggles when J comes home from work, and although I'm not sure how to handle it, I love that she is a full-fledged girly girl. Bubby is still developing his personality, but he is an absolute delight. He is starting to focus on my face when I talk to him and he just coo's and ah's at me. I love it! I don't get to cuddle him nearly as much as I got to cuddle Boogie in the beginning, but those sweet moments when I do... oh he just melts my heart. So... no matter what we face, these two little ones are absolute blessings. 

I've been baking cupcakes for two of the youngest Flint Monsters (they turn THREE tomorrow!) and while they were baking Bubby was a little fussy, so I picked him held him close and I sang to him and danced to the music we had playing in the kitchen. And as I was dancing with him I thought about how in no time I would be doing this again with him on his wedding day... I know that is a long time from now, but at the same time it's going to be here within a blink of an eye. 

The point of my rambling? I'm going to find joy where there seems to be none... I'm going to cherish these moments despite the stress of life outside our family bubble. God is with me through it all, no matter how rough things seem!


Worst Blogger EVER!

I really should be posting more... but I'm enjoying spending time with my children so much that I just haven't gotten around to it... AND I cleaned the ENTIRE house today. Yea. With two kids, all by myself. I was super proud of myself! :-p

Anyways, Bubby is officially 3 weeks old as of yesterday, time is just flying by! He is already rolling from tummy to back (I thought it was a fluke... but he is consistently doing it!), making eye contact and following our voices. Time is already going by way too fast, Boogie will be 2 next week and Bubby will be a month old. Oy! Here are some pictures of what we've been doing this past week...

Lots of snuggles, sleepy smiles, and naps!

We decorated a Gingerbread Man for G is for Gingerbread Day (next year we're MAKING real gingerbread men!)

Tummy time.... or sometimes nap time!

Lots of smooching...

Danced the night away in twirly Christmas dresses...

Took walks on cool not so normal December days... seriously though... it's not cold enough to be December!

We made Polar Express snacks for P is for Polar Express Day

Had our first bath... he loved it!

And enjoyed time as a family... even if Boogie wasn't thrilled about having her picture made!


Two Weeks... A Little Late!

Bubby turned 2 weeks old on Monday! (I know... I'm SO behind in blogging!) He weighed in at 8lbs 11oz and was 20.5'' long... so he's gained a pound and an inch since birth! He's a great nursling, sleeps pretty well (when I can keep him up during the day... otherwise he has one stretch of time at night that he stays awake... oy), and he is so laid back and easygoing. I'm so excited to see his personality blossom! Boogie is so talkative, precocious, and sensitive... I wonder if he will show any of the same traits or if he will be more like his daddy!

Boogie is still handling these changes well, however the closer we get to the big 2 years, the more the terrible two's shine through. She's more defiant, headstrong, and stubborn. Not so fun, she's definitely testing my patience here lately and I'm having a hard time keeping calm and not yelling at her... ugh. I'm doing my best though!

I'll try to update again soon... I need to share more pictures ASAP!


As Promised...

Here are some pics of my sweet kiddos... sorry it took so long!

Best moment ever!

Daddy is so proud!

7lbs 10oz

First cloth booty! Unfortunately we ended up using sposies for the first week because his little torso is so small that the diapers were irritating his cord :(

Sweet boy!

Boogie loves her Bubby!

Last morning at the hospital

Tiny Feet

We're home!

"Daddy's Rock Star"

I think he looks like Uncle Pickle!

Baking sugar cookies! Our new Christmas tradition!

Powdered sugar is so fun!

Helping Daddy cut out cookies

Oh yum!