Ultimate Fail

I have totally, completely, and ultimately failed on updating my blog daily. Sad face.


Chapel Hill

I'm in Chapel Hill for the weekend visiting my very dear friend Hannah... soooo... I will post new blogs on Monday :)


Ahhh! Real Monsters!!!

Ok... not really. Do you remember that cartoon? I do! I wasn't allowed to watch it, but I snuck and watched it anyways....and it wasn't even that good! Why monsters? Because my husband and I have been monsters today... cruel, mean, short-tempered, and perhaps a little condescending. We're stressed. We're tired. Justin more so than me... isn't that always the case?

Had to refile our taxes today because the turbo tax mom used apparently didn't send our federal return through... yay. So we went to HR Block where we discovered that our taxes weren't right in the first place.... we're getting more back but now we have to amend our state taxes. Yay? Ugh.

I'm also praying for guidance, thinking about taking classes this summer and still praying that someone I love will accept the path I feel is right when it comes to the rest of my education. Coughumjusitncough!

Yea. Stressed.

Oh. And I had a job interview today, would have been perfect.... except for the tiny part where it's only 9 weeks long. Yay me! No thanks!

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28


Things Are Possibly Looking Up!

I might have found a really great part time job!! A girl I graduated with (and worked with for a LONG time at Montreat) posted a facebook status about a part time receptionist position opening up at a local nursing home. I go for the "official" interview tomorrow at 2pm, and I am the only applicant thus far and they want to fill the position ASAP! So praying that I get it! I would be working 4 hours on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday... then 8 hrs on Mondays, which first perfectly around my already complicated schedule! This also means that we might be able to afford a nicer place to live until we move to Cullowhee. Yay! So I'm excited that I actually found something that fits my life right now... that's very rare!

I don't feel much like blogging today, plus I'm ready for lunch.... so....

"I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8


2 minutes!

It's officially 11:58. I almost didn't make it for my daily blog! Well... technically I did, I tried to update on my phone but the app isn't working correctly at the moment. Bah humbug! So I don't have much to write today, except that I'm tired and I think it's time for bed! So I leave you with these simple words...

"The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalms 27:1


So frustrated...

I don't know if it's me.... I don't know if it's my professors... I don't know if I just picked a heavy load of classes this semester or what. This one class that I have, World Civilizations I is royally kicking my butt. Right now, God only knows how, I'm getting a low C average... my exams are picked apart so critically and my opinions are tossed out the door as if they don't matter. I take full responsibility for my grades, but it still annoys me that every single test I take isn't sufficient. This is my hardest class, and I've put in a lot of time and effort to study, prepare and read every piece of material she gives us. I feel that I am very educated about world civilizations now (how it's going to help me teaching kindergarteners, I have no idea), but I'm not doing well at all. It's a required course, so I'm hoping I can at the least keep my C average if not make it better so that my credit will count... but I hate knowing that I will have such a low grade on my transcripts, it's not very reassuring. I've gotten A's on all of the quizzes and discussion board questiosn, I just don't know what the deal is with my tests. It's definatley bringing me down :(

So... I'm not going to post a verse today, but I'd like you to go back a few posts and read Jeremiah 17:7-8... I think it is definately worth another day of reading!


I hate midterms. Especially midterms that just happen to appear out of the blue.... why don't these professors put the dates for midterms in their syllabi? Wouldn't that make sense? Ugh.



Ok... we all do it... we worry, we stress, we try to figure out ways to "fix" things when what we should be doing is just laying it down for the Lord. I know I'm guilty... I'm probably guilty of this EVERY day. Don't tell me YOUR not guilty, because I know you are. (And believe me, you can ask my friend Hannah.. I am ALWAYS right.. hehe). Today was a bit stressful. I won't lie. My hubby was worried to death about bills this month, for whatever reason his boss keeps giving him extra days off... great? Wrong. It makes the paycheck smaller, and when paychecks get smaller, bills seem bigger... especially when you get a few unexpected bills in the mail. Woohoo! Well... so I worried about my honey today. I also spent the day with my favorite Flint Monsters and they were just having a hard day as well, but again we all have those days. But despite their bickering and pouty faces (especially Jesse's adorable pouty lip... I adore it, I can't help but smile... which in turn just makes him madder/sadder. But he's just SO cute!) they never cease to make my day better. Baby smiles help as well ofcourse, and good talks with my good friend, you know who you are ;-) . So yea. I'm blessed. I know I say it often in this blog, but it's true. And you are blessed as well, believe me. There are so many things that can go awry in our lives... if we could just let these things go, no matter how big or small and let the Lord take them on FOR us. We would all be in a better place. I hope I've been an encouragement to you today... because I know that if you had a day like I had today... I was blessed with some words of encouragement and understanding and it helped. A Lot. So I leave you with the same verse I posted yesterday, which is ironic because I read it over and over again last night, and yet I still didn't completely leave my stress to him today. So read it. And then read it again.... and yea... maybe you should read it a 3rd, 4th or possibly 5th time.

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted in the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought." Jeremiah 17:7-8 (NIV)


Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head...

Despite my true hatred for rain and/or snow... I do love the way rain sounds as it hits the roof on days when I'm stuck indoors doing homework. It's just so peaceful.... until it's time to take the dogs out and I have to get wet. Yuck.

Anyways... so I've updated my blog look, added twitter and etc... so my goal for the next year is to post EVERYDAY. Yes EVERYDAY. I'm determined. Even if I have nothing to write about I want to try and post something and start adding in bible verses again like I used too.

Today is Sunday, and no I didn't go to church. It's been really hard for me trying to find a church I really enjoy going too. But even harder than that is having to go by myself because most of the time Justin has to work. We both really love Biltmore Baptist, but we just can't afford the gas to get out there every week. The other alternatives are our home churches... but I just don't feel at home at mine anymore and my husband's is a little too.... country for me. The last couple of weeks I've been taking some time on Sunday mornings to do my own worship. I either listen to some praise and worship on Pandora and then listen to biltmore baptist or another church I find online... or sometimes I just sit in my office with my guitar and praise the Lord all on my own. As strange as most people might find it... this feels more like worship to me then actually going to church. It's more personal and one on one ya know?

Anyways. Today's plan is to read Hamlet. Yuck. Ok... Shakespeare might have been a great writer but dude... I can't understand a word you wrote. So I'm resorting to today. What a lifesaver... I'm not cheating, I promise. I'm reading the actual play in book and reading the cliffnotes as I go so that I can understand it better. Currently, I'm only on Act II, so it's a slow process... but I needed a break so I'm eating some chicken salad and crackers (all ingredients courtesy of Aldi... best grocery store EVER).

OH! Also... Justin and I have started a family game night... yea yea yea... our family only consists of me and him... but oh well. We had a blast last night! We decided to do it on Saturday nights because I don't have classes or anywhere to go the next day except for church if he's off... so it's a good night to do it. We played Disney Scene It & the original Scene It last night... wow. So much fun! If you don't have a family game night, you should totally try it out. The sad truth is that most evenings I am doing homework or watching my "shows" or Justin is playing video games or reading a book... we're bad to just go about our business and not spend time together. We just get so wrapped up in other things! But this was a great way to start doing that again! We got our games out, got some sparkling grape juice (and champagne glasses.... no we don't drink alcohol... and yes we drink sparkling grape juice from champagne glasses. we are soooo cool! note my sarcasm) and cuddled up on the couch for our games. GREAT fun!

Alright... now I really have to get back to the task at hand. I will conquer Hamlet. I will.

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. He will be like a tree planted in the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought." Jeremiah 17:7-8 (NIV)


Blog Update

So I thought my blog needed a new "springier" look..... so ta da!

PS... if your on twitter go to right hand side of my page ------>

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School.... School.... it's a love/hate relationship I think.

I love school. I also hate school. Yea... so basically I decided today to look back at the plans I made for my next 2 semesters (can you believe I only have TWO months left in this semester?). As I was browsing my options I thought to myself, "Self... I wonder what WCU expects from a transfer...". Why oh why? I had forgotten that my previous plans followed Montreat & UNCA's standards which are pretty similar. WCU... not so much. I mean the basics are pretty much the same, but then Western prefers for their Education students to have a secondary focus (pretty much a minor). Cool? MMMMMM. Not so much. My two options (options that I would maybe kind of sort enjoy) are English or Psychology (and I'm choosing Psych... because I already took 2 of those major courses). 18 credit hours each. Ummmm. How the heck am I supposed to fit in 18 extra credit hours in? Only a select few of these classes I can take at AB Tech... but then once I start my Elementary Education major at WCU I will be taking 17 hrs my first semester (all of which are required), 17 the 2nd semester (plus a blocked out section of the day for school classroom observation hours), 15 the 3rd semester (which consists of one of my SAC classes.... but do I really want to add an ADDITIONAL psych class to that semester?), and then my final semester is all student teaching... I don't even know if you're allowed to take extra classes that semester. Yikes. So I may be taking a class or two this summer, but first I have to figure out what 2 classes I can choose from for the elective portion of my secondary choice.... um but there is nothing on WCU's website that says what exactly those are... so yea. Janelle prepare yourself... there will be lots of figuring out to do on our open house adventure!

Did I mention that today I took ONE exam 3 times and couldn't submit it? They still can't figure out what's going on at AB Tech's end... so now I have to take it using word document instead of blackboard. UGH!


Bummed Out :(

Today's my 22nd birthday... happy birthday to me! Yea. Nothing really exciting going on, haven't done anything to celebrate except hanging out with my Flint Monsters (which was the most fun I've had ALL weekend). This year's birthday isn't all that great though... too much drama going on, everybody's sick, school, and to top it off it's yucky and cold outside. So basically, I'm just having one of those days where I just want to lay down and cry :( I haven't felt this way in a LONG LONG time. I wish I could just skip my class tonight... and I'm considering it. I could always email my hw in. It's not like I learn anything in this class. Except... I have a test tonight. Oh joy.

Yea. Happy Birthday to me?