New Experiences & Life Changing Plans

It's been far to long since I last posted... oops! First and foremost I just wanted to say how great and amazing our God is! The older I get, I think the more I realize how truly awesome He is and how much I truly need Him in my life!

Now. Get ready for this. I have discovered a life changing product for us women. Oh yes. It's pretty fan-freaking-tastic. Have you heard of the Diva Cup? It's AWESOME!!! Personally, I have an irregular cycle with HEAVY blood flow the majority of my menstrual bleeding. It's a pain, I go through literally.... almost 2 big boxes of super-super plus absorbency tampons and a pack of pads to wear at night in case of leakage. A friend of mine recommended that I try the Diva Cup. I was a little leery (?) at first because of the volume of blood I release... but I decided to go for it. I found it at an organic grocery store in town for $35 (including tax). I started wearing it the 2nd day of my period (mainly because I started before I could purchase one) and wore it until I had absolutely no blood flow this morning. NO leakages ALL week. Not during the night, not during the day... NOTHING. I wore it doing my workout, I wore it working (aka taking care of 5 kids) and I did it cleaning, sitting, etc etc etc. On my heaviest flow days I emptied it once in the middle of the day and prior to going to bed. So basically I took it out 3 times a day, morning, nooon & night. However once my flow started dwindling, I only had to empty it once I woke up and prior to goign to bed. This is a LIFE CHANGER. I highly recommend it!

What else is new in my life? I've yet again changed my school plans.... I know I know... Ms. Indecisive here. I have good reasoning though! I had planned on transferring to UNCA after getting my AA degree from the community college I'm attending. However... after hearing from a college rep specifically from the Education department, I'm not a big fan of their program. They don't have a MAJOR in Education, instead you major in a specialty, so for Elementary Education I could really do anything I want... Psychology, Women's Studies, etc. And then you do your Education core classes and get certification.... ehhhh I don't like that. So. Now my heart is set on Western Carolina. Their Education majors are GEMS in their eyes. They focus on teaching and showing Education students how to reach their students, etc. I WANT to go there. Problem. It's almost 2 hours away, WAY to far to commute. Next problem? Figuring out how to assure Justin that this is a good move for our family. As of today, he's leaning towards moving as long as we start saving NOW and go periodically to see what the job market is like. That's his biggest worry, and understandably so considering what we went through in TN.

So far, we've looked at houses, apartments, etc and have found some really affordable, NICE places to live. Some are literally walking distance to campus, others are a short 5-10 minute drive. I would take either! Our plan is to start saving every extra penny starting today... we're gonna set out some money each month to go have a date night because we NEED that... but other than that, everything is going to the bank. By May 2011 we are hoping to have atleast enough to get moved, and pay for several months rent. Our next step is to get enough $$ from school to pay a years rent a head of time, this way we won't have that expense while I'm in school and that gives Justin one less thing to worry about. Most of the places we've looked at are for students specifically (and I hoping that they're not just for single students) and the rent covers most if not all utilities... which means we can still be saving for our future, permanent home once I start teaching. This is exciting and terrifying! But mostly exciting :)

That's really about it right now... I just wanted to share some new things in my life!


Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day, in 2006, Justin and I went on our first official date to a little Mexican restaraunt in town... rented movies and was the day I fell in love with this shy, handsome man :)

In 2007, he took me to Gatlinburg, TN and proposed to me on this very day...

In 2008, we celebrated our first Valentine's day as husband and wife...

In 2009, we celebrated at the same Mexican restaraunt for old time's sake...

In 2010, we are celebrating our 5th Valentine's Day together... and we decided to just stay home and start a new tradition. We pulled out every romantic/romantic comedy movie we have and we're going to have a mushy movie fest and make a nice dinner and stay in :)

Happy Valentine's! Remember that this isn't just for people who have significant others... this day is a reminder for you to show affection for EVERYONE you love EVERDAY of the year. <3



Well... I had deleted this blog, luckily for me blogspot keeps it "active" for 30 (or 90... I can't remmeber) days so I changed my mind. This is my outlet for me to vent when I have no other way to do so. If someone reads this blog and doesn't like what they read then DON'T read it. I write for myself, and occasionally my venting is read by my close friends who pray about situations that I'm dealing with. My blogs are not meant to harm anyone or to cause "drama" as a few put it... it's for ME. I love my blog, I can look back on almost 3 years worth of my life stories and that is special to ME. So again. If you don't like what I write, then don't read it. This is MY blog. I'm an adult. I can write what I choose in MY blog. Thank you.



So. I'm pretty aggravated at the moment... but I'm going to try to keep my cool long enough to write this blog and hope that maybe... just maybe I will cool down after venting.

My brother is an idiot. I decided to go spend the day with my parents while Justin worked 2nd shift today. Dylan got home around lunch time... from spending the night at a friend's grandmother's house (who is living in a nursing home)... and they weren't supposed to be there at all. They drank. Smoked pot. Etc etc. My brother is 18. Not of legal drinking age. And umm... last time I checked, marijuana is illegal. Does he get fussed at? No. Does he get in trouble? No. Does he get a lecture? Ofcourse not. No big deal. No consequences.

This is what gets me. When Dylan started smoking cigars I asked my parents... will he stop at cigars? They said yes. Then he started smoking cigarettes... I asked my parents, will he stop at cigarettes. They said sure! Then he started drinking. I asked my parents... will he stop at alcohol? Ofcourse! Now he's smoking pot. I ask my parents... will he stop at pot? Their answer... I don't know. Can you detect a pattern?

My mom is addicted to the show "Intervention" where a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is filmed and then at the end of the show their family participates in an intervention. EVERY single one of these people started out like my brother... but is anyone but me trying to stop him? No. At some point, either something horrible is going to happen to him or my mother is going to realize she's enabling him and won't be able to do a thing about it. So what now. What do I do? I'm lost. My baby brother is going to end up hurting himself and my family and there's nothing I can do.


25 Things About Me...

So I did this for facebook... but I decided to do a different one for my blog. So yay :)

1. I am a fulltime student taking 2 evening classes and 3 online classes.... plus an online lab. This semester is kicking my butt reading wise, but other than that I'm getting straight A's so far :-D

2. I met my husband when I was 17, married him when I was 19... so I was young. But it was also the best thing I have ever done. I am truly blessed!

3. I am blessed to work for the Flint clan... aka my Flint Monsters... which if you know me or read my blog then you know that Joseph is 8 and he is an incredible little boy. Jesse & Joyann are 5... almost 6 (but I told them they weren't allowed to turn 6) and they are pretty amazing. Jesse is sweet and caring and a little bit of a male diva ;-) and Joyann is 90% tomboy and 10%princess... atleast for now. James & Jonathan are a little over a month old and they are just precious! They poop and toot on me all the time... but I guess I can forgive them!

4. I am a teacher to be. I plan on teaching kindergarten or first grade hopefully... and I can't WAIT! Now I just have to make a final decision on whether I will be going to Western or UNCA or even possibly Mars Hill for my last 2 years of school!

5. I am shy and outgoing, loud and quiet, patient and impatient... it just depends on where I am and who I'm with!

6. One of my greatest fears is that I will never have children. I want to be a mommy so much that it just makes that fear so much greater. However... I know that God is completely on my side, and that when my time comes He will decide what is best for me.

7. I'm not and will never be a homemaker. I just can't do it. I don't mind doing laundry occasionally... or even washing dishes... vacuuming.... but not all the time. Which is one of the reasons why I love my husband sooooo much. He LIKES to clean AND he likes to cook. Yea. God definately knew what He was doing when He created my hubby to be :-)

8. Now with number 7 said... the wierd thing is that I am a total neat freak and organization junky when it comes to my office, school work, etc. Everything has a place. My notebooks are organized. My folder of assignments is highlighted according to class. OCD is my friend when it comes to school for sure!

9. Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a Coca Cola - holic. I have a problem.

10. I'm really bad to start projects (particularly crafty ones) and not finish them. At the moment I have 6 unfinished knitted hats... 2 blankets that are sewn but have not batting or backing... and 20 bazillion squares cut out for another quilt. I also have scrapbook pages half finished, hemp necklaces halfway finished.... and new projects spinning in my head that I would love to accomplish. Eek!

11. How do some women get up early enough to shower, dress up, apply makeup, fix hair and look so incredibly beautiful? I'm sorry... but not only do I like my sleep... but I'd rather go to work in my pajamas. HA!

12. I really like my boots. I have a pair of polka dot rainboots and a pair of black copy cat uggs. My parents pick on me, my brother picks on me, my inlaws pick on me... but I don't care. They're comfortable! And my feet stay dry when it rains!

13. I would much rather color, play with playdough or play Pretty Pretty Princess then go get drunk or high. I enjoy being a kid and I like having control of my body. Thank you very much.

14. I have diarrhea of the mouth sometimes... especially with my mom and Justin. Sometimes I get going, especially if I'm upset or angry... and I just can't stop talking. That's just me...

15. Being the wierd person that I am... and a little OCD... Justin and I have already picked 4-5 names for babies (both male & female). However... we have first and middle names... just not together, lol! First names (male): Cooper, Gibson, Finley, Elias; Middle names (male): Liam, Frank, Noble, Joseph; First names (female): Olivia, Chloe, Isla, Hana, Lillian; Middle names (female): Grace, Elizabeth, Joy, Hope, Faith

16. I only have a few friends that I really trust... Justin is my rock, he is everything I could have ever wished for and he knows more about me then I know about myself. Hannah is the only friend I have left from high school and she brings out the kid in me. Janelle is my cheerleader, I know that no matter what choices I make she is always by me and I know that I can count on her for anything (she's also going to be my breastfeeding coach... she SO owes me ;-) ). Stephany lives too far away but she's always a text message or instant message away if I need a heart to heart.

17. I tend to overplan. I like to know EXACTLY what I'm doing, when I'm doing it... and where. Vacations are great... but I really do overplan.

18. I <3 my guitar. You know that bumper sticker that says, "Have you hugged your guitar today?" Why yes, yes I have!

19. I have 2 dogs. Snickers is a doodle and she is the sweetest, gentlest dog I have ever had. She's well behaved and I adore her. Mudgie... oh Mudgie. This dog will be the death of me. I adore him, really I do... but he can NOT control his bowel movements. UGH. He's also really attached to me and if he's not following me around the house all day then he's whining because he can't get to me. Someday.... someday I hope Snickers will rub off on him! LOL

20. I don't go to church every Sunday but my faith is one of the MOST important things in my life. We have yet to find a church that we feel suits both my husband's and my needs... and really the needs of our future children. It's disappointing... but I've found that some of my best times in worship is alone, with my guitar, and some praise and worship.

21. I would really love to move to Fort Walton Beach in Florida. This is where my uncle lives... and where we honeymooned and have vacationed at. It's absolutely beautiful and it's not entirely touristy like you would expect. HOWEVER. I am deathly afraid of natural disasters... tornados and hurricanes being the top two... so that will NEVER happen.

22. I have really really wide feet. Like seriously, it is such a pain buying shoes, especially dressy sandals and heels. I really like wearing heels (when I dress up that is)... and I would love to buy some dressy heeled boots... but not only are my feet wide but I have tree trunks for calves. Not just because I'm chunky and have more to love... but the muscles I have in my calves are ginormous from my years playing soccer. Ugh.

23. The hottest thing EVER is watching my husband jam on his guitar. Really. He is AMAZING.

24. I married a KISS freak... who has transformed into a JESUS freak. How awesome is that?

25. I burn a lot of incense... not for religious or any wierd purposes but because I live in an old house... that the landlords don't take care of... and it just smells wierd. And incense smells good. Yay incense!


"I've Got To Get Out of Here!"

This commercial cracks me up! I had the SAME feelings little gnome man! I HATE snow! LOL!