Rain Rain Go Away!

It is pouring the rain right now, just absolutely pouring. I am not a big fan of ran... especially ice cold rain, ick!

Anyways, 25 days until we leave for TN! Yay! We are planning on leaving early that Thursday morning and go through Johnson City since our normal route has had 2 rockslides. We are going to go shopping and possibly go to Knoxville to check out the mall we never got to go see while we lived there. So I'm excited :)

Also... we are now taking a trip to Myrtle Beach on July 10-17 with my inlaws... now at first I was kind of.... eh. But now.... I'm way excited! The inlaws (mother, father & brother in law) are getting one room with 2 beds with an ocean view. They are paying for the room and their part of the family package. We are taking an air mattress and paying the difference for the family fun package which means we are paying less than 200 dollars to stay for a week.... so TOTALLY worth it! The package includes free passes every day that we are there for the resorts water parks, amusement park, putt putt, one free breakfast for each person, one free dinner for each person, 2 free move nights, and other activities. We are also taking our own car so we will be staying with the inlaws but we'll be doing our own thing all week! What a blessing!

Today is so yucky. We also had a tornado warning.... so I freaked out as usual. Justin doesn't get as scared as I do about natural disasters and weather advisories, so he was ofcourse calm while I was screaming and crying about going to my parents or his grandmas.... I know I'm a wuss. Oh well... its all ok now.


Nothing to do...

This is incredible! I have NOTHING to do today, lol! I finished all the assignments I needed to get done today for school around 12:30pm, took the dogs out, gathered my notebooks for class tonight... and now I'm just sitting here. I can't believe it! I've been going NONSTOP for the past 2 weeks, it's been fun... but I didn't know when I'd get to stop and breathe... now that I'm breathing I'm bored. Go figure!

Anyways... we're down to 29 days until our Gatlinburg adventure. Justin is getting impatient and I think the days are going by so quickly! I'm very excited to get away from everyone and well maybe not quite everything... but yea! I'll still have to do some assignments while were away, but we'll manage.

Next Tuesday will be my last night working with the children at CR, we're having a pizza party, playing board games and having our final devo together. I'm going to miss those kids so much, I'm so glad that I won't have to miss my favorite Flint monsters however ;-)

I don't really have much to update on except that school is going well, I've taken 2 exams and 3 quizzes and made all A's so far. Great start to the semester I think! I've gotta get going soon and get ready for my education class tonight. I'm really excited about the observation labs we have to do along with the class itself. I'll go observe different teachers in different classroom settings... I won't get to participate but I'm sure from the assignments I have to do I'll learn a lot.

Well.... I can't think of anything else to write... so more later ;-)


30 days!

Daisypath Vacation tickers
I'm counting down! 30 days!

So I hung out with my very good friend and her beautiful Flint Monsters today and she asked about where I was staying... which made me all giddy and excited about our hotel :) So I thought I'd post a countdown and pictures :-D

We are staying in a suite with a King sized bed, jacuzzi, sofa, fireplace, and a balcony! It's in Gatlinburg, one of my favorite places to vacation too (yes even though I lived there for 6 months!). It's always beautiful anytime of the year that you go.
I'm way excited :-D


Ouch :(

I'm sitting in front of my computer desperately wanting to go to sleep... but I have to wait atleast 3 more hours. Why? Because I'm a genius. Yes. Let me show you a picture first so you can see what I'm talking about...

So you see the brown cabinent above the potty? Ok. Well, I was refilling the toilet paper storage thingy that is usually on the left hand side of the potty (but you can't see it in the picture)... as I went to stand up.... WHACK! I slammed the corner of my forehead into the corner of that brown cabinent. So I have this large knot on my forehead with a large reddish mark... and it hurts! Ofcourse my hubby gets home and looks at me strange and apparently he thought I had dirt on my head and started rubbing it! I screamed! He screamed because I startled him.... ugh! It's been an interesting evening! So basically, just in case I have a concussion, I'm staying up and making sure I don't start feeling dizzy or nauseus... ugh. Story of my life. And no. I'm NOT posting any pictures of the horn on my head.

Ps. Janelle - the chicken was gross. ew. gross!



I came to the realization today that basically... I'm happy. Yes. Happy. Despite everything Justin and I have endured in the past year or so, all the crap this house has given us... I'm happy. Why? Well first of all... because I have an AMAZING Father who I know is cradling me in His arms. Second... I have a fabulous husband who is supportive, loving, and caring... and Third. The third reason is what really touched me today. I'm happy because as I'm studying and reading and taking all these notes I know that its leading me to my dream job. I'll be able to teach children and leave an impact on their lives just like my teachers did with me. I get to spend lots of time with the Flint Monsters... which is preparing me for my own children someday... and I know that once I graduate and find a teaching position... my husband and I can finally buy a house or build a house and settle down in ONE place for the rest of our lives. I look forward to that! But for now... I'm happy with where I am and what I'm doing... because it's leading to the rest of my life. I am BLESSED.



I did it. I finally gave my notice at church tonight. January 26th will be my last night working for CR. Do you hear me sighing with relief? I've been so stressed and annoyed with everything... ugh. And not only that, but my school workload this week... phew! I read so much information on anthropology, world civilizations, precal and how to write papers based on literature research I might have lost a few brain cells instead of gaining a few. Needless to say, this semester is going to kick my butt! I haven't had much to post lately, but I still feel like I need to update now and then... if not for anybody but myself. I found myself reading past entries... some as far as before our marriage... and it amazes me how much I've grown and changed. It also made me realize how blessed I am. A friend of mine and I were chatting the other day about how God's timing is always perfect, there are no flaws in His plan. I have no doubt that everything that has happened in my life has had a purpose, and every choice I've made has meant something and set forth a new journey for me to endure. I listened to Barlow Girl today, and this song touched my heart:

Thoughts of you
And how you've changed me
Fill my mind
Without You where would I be
So even though I've tried to express my thanks
It never comes out how I hoped
I want to say so much more
so with these simple words I'll try
I love You
My heart is Yours, only Yours
I long to give You all of me
My everything, my everything
God I never could repay You
You gave everything
Without You where would I be
You still loved me even when I
Pushed You away
You stood there and waited
Till the day I'd return
So even though I've tried to express my thanks
It never comes out how I hoped
I want to say so much more so with these simple words... I'll try



Yes ma'am (or uh... sir)... you read that right! I said vacation! We booked a room at an awesome lodge in Gatlinburg the weekend after Valentine's Day for 4 nights and 5 days! And yes. I'm excited! The room has a king sized bed, jacuzzi, balcony... and my favorite... a fireplace! What's better after a freezing day of shopping than sitting with the love of your life infront of a fire? LOVE it!

What's even more exciting then vacation? Meeting two new Flint Monsters! I'm in love I tell you. Sweet sweet precious boys! Luckily I have plenty of room in my heart ;-)

Short post tonight... but I just had to share!

"As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is God's love!"
-Psalm 103:11


What the hey? Prepare to laugh like you've never laughed before... and possibly groan from the sheer stupidity of this commercial... I mean really? My booty is popping as far as I want it to go! BAHAHAHAHAH!


Tuesday Tantrums

Mind if I throw a tantrum?

Today was the day to buy Spring Semester textbooks... I was excited because I'm a nerd... until I woke up to a 2 hour delay which meant that EVERYONE and their mother would be at AB Tech at 10 instead of spread out from 8am-whenever. I got there early and managed to only be behind about 50 people... but once I got up to the line they couldn't find my financial aid voucher! What the heck! So they send me to the financial aid department to figure out what's going on and as I'm sitting in the waiting room more and more people start streaming in... and guess what. All of their last names start with M. Hmmmm... .something about this is a little fishy. The school managed to LOSE the M vouchers. Yea. So after 3 hours of crap (only 10 of that consisted of me actually grabbing my books off shelves) I finally got them.... all $550 of them. YUCK. What a pain.

Oh but that's not all. I get home and discover that somehow my payment for the doctor's office was rejected... which is completely ridiculous because the money is in the bank... MORE than enough to pay that bill. So instead of it just going through it comes back and bites us in the butt with a "return check" charge. WTH? This isn't the first time that's happened... and both times there was more than enough money in the bank for it to go through. Ugh.

OH no. I'm not done yet. I know I know... I can just hear you goin "UGH". I get to church tonight and was pulled aside and told that I needed to "stick to the lessons and not spend extra money, just stick to the lessons and get it done. these kids need some God in their lives." If you don't know the backstory... then well you might not understand... this is probably the billionth time this has happened. I'm doing a lesson that frankly is NOT appropriate for the range of ages I take care of. I have to change it to make it fit. I also have to change the activities and everything so that all the kids can participate. Well apparently I can't do that. Basically I can't do anything. The funny thing is that I got fussed at for spending too much money on the craft projects and snacks... but I haven't bought ANYTHING in over a month. I'm done. Seriously. Done. I'm giving my notice for the last Tuesday in February. I'm planning on finding a small gift for all the kids... I want them to know that they didn't do anything wrong or that I don't love them. I will MISS them. I need a change though.

On a happier note.... two little Flint Monsters got to come home tonight!

(Picture courtesy of Janelle )

I can't wait to meet them!


Happy New Year?

It's FREEZING! It's so cold outside that no matter how long we run the heat inside it can't get over 62 degrees... and that is TOO cold for me! We also woke up this morning to frozen pipes... oh the joy. Did I mention it's really really cold? I spent New Years Day with the Flint Monsters (as you read in my previous post)... it always makes a day better spent with those kids, because no matter what's going on in my life or if I'm having a bad day... or week for that matter, they love me either way... and they have no problems making me laugh! LOL! I was also blessed to get paid :) I'm officially working for them now which is very exciting... but I was very surprised and very blessed for my first "paycheck" because we really needed some groceries and I was able to get a new coat... ON SALE btw lol... it's a really pretty wool peacoat from Old Navy, it's blue & black plaid and I LOVE it. I have 2 old coats, an orange winter coat from aeropostale I bought my FRESHMEN year in high school and a green puff coat from american eagle my sophomore year in high school. So needless to say, I really needed a replacement, lol! Well, please pray we can get our pipes UNfrozen so that I can take a shower... ha! We were planning on going to Biltmore today and go out to dinner since we haven't been on a date in good while... but I guess that will just have to wait! God Bless.


New Years Day With My Flint Monsters

I am currently sitting in the Flint's new house hanging out with my buddies... aka the Flint Monsters (Joyann, Jesse, & Joseph). Joyann wants to help me write my new blog entry... so here's Joyann!

(translates to: My Flint Monsters)

(translates to: I love you Sarah)

(translates to: I love you daddy and mommy and sarah and jesse and joseph and angie and carey and joy)

(translates to: Me)

(translates to: i love you)

So there you go... Joyann's first blogging experience... now we're off to watch Aladdin and play some games!