Who Am I?

"Who Am I"
by Casting Crowns
Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name
Would care to feel my hurt
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart
Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You're
I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind
Still You hear me when I'm calling
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling
And You've told me who I am
I am Yours, I am Yours
Who Am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love and watch me rise again
Who Am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me
I am Yours
Whom shall I fear
Whom shall I fear
'Cause I am Yours
I am Yours
Another great song, Who am I that Lord would care to know MY name and to feel MY hurt. Why do I deserve that? Why should HE care? I think we all ask ourselves that now and then. I know I do. It's amazing to think that He took the time to create me and to design every detail of who I am. He created me in HIS image, carefully, lovingly and compassionately. He loves me for who I am. Does that give you chills like it does me?
The end of the song is my favorite... Whom shall I fear? Because I am YOURS. Why should I be afraid when I know God is protecting me? What a powerful statement! I don't have much to say, except this. Remember that God created You, and that He created you with a purpose. You may not know what your purpose is just yet, like me, but He has a plan for you. Do not fear this world and the barricades Satan shoves infront of you. BREAK THROUGH THE BARRICADES and allow God to show you the way :)

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