Long Time No Write!

It's been almost a month since I posted & A LOT has happened.... so let me sum it up for you.

- I got laid off in December & COULD NOT for the life of me find another job in TN
- Justin's hours got cut DURING Christmas.... who does that when you work in retail?
- We packed our bags & moved back to NC
- We are living with the inlaws..... that's a story for another day. UGH.
- Justin is working at the nursing home he was @ before we moved to TN; which is also the place my Granny lives
- I JUST found out... like a few hours ago.... that I have a job in the conference center, in the dining room, where I worked in high school part time. It's a good job, but they don't offer any benefits or full time.... but it's a job for now!
- I am talking to a lady who works at the local grocery warehouse in accounts receivable about a job there, which IS full time and offers AMAZING benefits

I think that sums it up right? I'm sure I'll be back later to update some more.... but that's all for now!

I don't have a verse today.... I just wanted to say GOD IS GOOD.

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