New Experiences & Life Changing Plans

It's been far to long since I last posted... oops! First and foremost I just wanted to say how great and amazing our God is! The older I get, I think the more I realize how truly awesome He is and how much I truly need Him in my life!

Now. Get ready for this. I have discovered a life changing product for us women. Oh yes. It's pretty fan-freaking-tastic. Have you heard of the Diva Cup? It's AWESOME!!! Personally, I have an irregular cycle with HEAVY blood flow the majority of my menstrual bleeding. It's a pain, I go through literally.... almost 2 big boxes of super-super plus absorbency tampons and a pack of pads to wear at night in case of leakage. A friend of mine recommended that I try the Diva Cup. I was a little leery (?) at first because of the volume of blood I release... but I decided to go for it. I found it at an organic grocery store in town for $35 (including tax). I started wearing it the 2nd day of my period (mainly because I started before I could purchase one) and wore it until I had absolutely no blood flow this morning. NO leakages ALL week. Not during the night, not during the day... NOTHING. I wore it doing my workout, I wore it working (aka taking care of 5 kids) and I did it cleaning, sitting, etc etc etc. On my heaviest flow days I emptied it once in the middle of the day and prior to going to bed. So basically I took it out 3 times a day, morning, nooon & night. However once my flow started dwindling, I only had to empty it once I woke up and prior to goign to bed. This is a LIFE CHANGER. I highly recommend it!

What else is new in my life? I've yet again changed my school plans.... I know I know... Ms. Indecisive here. I have good reasoning though! I had planned on transferring to UNCA after getting my AA degree from the community college I'm attending. However... after hearing from a college rep specifically from the Education department, I'm not a big fan of their program. They don't have a MAJOR in Education, instead you major in a specialty, so for Elementary Education I could really do anything I want... Psychology, Women's Studies, etc. And then you do your Education core classes and get certification.... ehhhh I don't like that. So. Now my heart is set on Western Carolina. Their Education majors are GEMS in their eyes. They focus on teaching and showing Education students how to reach their students, etc. I WANT to go there. Problem. It's almost 2 hours away, WAY to far to commute. Next problem? Figuring out how to assure Justin that this is a good move for our family. As of today, he's leaning towards moving as long as we start saving NOW and go periodically to see what the job market is like. That's his biggest worry, and understandably so considering what we went through in TN.

So far, we've looked at houses, apartments, etc and have found some really affordable, NICE places to live. Some are literally walking distance to campus, others are a short 5-10 minute drive. I would take either! Our plan is to start saving every extra penny starting today... we're gonna set out some money each month to go have a date night because we NEED that... but other than that, everything is going to the bank. By May 2011 we are hoping to have atleast enough to get moved, and pay for several months rent. Our next step is to get enough $$ from school to pay a years rent a head of time, this way we won't have that expense while I'm in school and that gives Justin one less thing to worry about. Most of the places we've looked at are for students specifically (and I hoping that they're not just for single students) and the rent covers most if not all utilities... which means we can still be saving for our future, permanent home once I start teaching. This is exciting and terrifying! But mostly exciting :)

That's really about it right now... I just wanted to share some new things in my life!

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