Baby, Vacation, School, Summer..... AGH!

Baby is doing great! Had to take the 3 hour fasting glucose tolerance test on Tuesday and as soon as I chugged down that nasty orange drink.... he/she was flipping and flopping and doing sumersaults! Haven't felt THAT much movement EVER! I'll be 19 weeks on Saturday, have my next prenatal appointment w/the midwives next Thursday and then the following Monday on August 16th we find out the sex and get to see our little one's spine, heart, etc.

We are planning a vacation for the first week of August to TN. We thought about taking a quick trip to the beach, but we're planning a BIG beach trip with the Flint Family next year and decided to wait for the beach until then! So we're staying at a super nice hotel we've stayed at before, and planning on having 2 date nights with dinner out and bowling or movies... and basically just hanging out. I'm also hoping Janelle can figure out a way to meet us for a day so that she and I can go shopping!!!!

School starts on August 18th, holy cow! I have to go buy my EXPENSIVE books next Wednesday, and I'm really hoping my parents will follow through and help me. The bookstore at my school provides carts and baskets, however its almost impossible to get one. And carrying all of my books and supplies I need while pregnant.... mmm not such a good idea!

Summer is almost over, thank the LORD! Next Friday is my last day and I can't WAIT!

So that was short and sweet and to the point... hehe!

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