My Precious Grandmother

Lillian is my grandmother, if you could see pictures of her from her teens - twenties, you'd say she was a beautiful woman. She had long, silky black hair and kind caring eyes. She may not be as young as she used to be, but now that she's in her seventies.... I still think she's one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. My Granny has several medical issues, both physical and mentally. My parents believe that she may have had fetal alcohol syndrome, along with most of her brothers and sisters. That sounds horrible, but when "Little Granny" (my grandmother's mother) started having kids, she was 14 and they didn't know anything about the effects of alcohol on a baby. Granny is schizophrenic, she started showing signs of dementia when I was in high school. She has always had short term memory loss, but when the dementia started showing symptoms, it was much more obvious. At one point, I took care of her 3 days a week, I gave her baths, made sure she had EDIBLE food to eat, and that her house was clean. This year, our family decided that it was time to put her in a nursing home because we could no longer be there, by her side, 24/7. My grandmother, being her usual stubborn self, fell last night trying to move from her wheelchair to her bed... in SOCKS. Regular old slippery socks and she fell and bonked her head on the floor. The nurses from the nursing home called 911, because they were worried about her head injury, her speech was slurring and she was disoriented. They ran tests at the hospital and said she was fine, but noticed some tremors in her hands.... so now they suspect she may be in the early stages of Parkinson's. My precious grandmother, my beautiful, amazing Granny who raised 4 amazing people, and is the most loving, generous Christian woman I've ever met. When will she cut a break? Why does she have to suffer so much? I just don't understand it. I can't even be there for her.... I'm sure I've rambled enough... but please pray for her. Lillian Elizabeth deserves better, she gives so much love and she still suffers.

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Jodee Kulp said...

I pray for Lillian Elizabeth - I thank you for her granddaugher's willingness to publish the possibility of Fetal Alcohol. Lord be with Lillian in a mighty way during her last years in the world. Let her light shine brilliantly to change peoples hearts and minds on the reality of brain differences
In Jesus Mighty Name