If you know me well, then you know I'm a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fanatic. I never miss an episode, and if I do, I'm on the computer ASAP to see the episode. The episode tonight is a TEARJERKER. Not only does Izzie start seeing Denny, but there is an elderly couple who are madly in love. The woman has a brain tumor, and has opted to have it surgically removed even though she could live a few more years with the tumor (on bed rest). When she signs the papers, she looks at her husband and says, "Goodbye honey." And he does the same, and they kiss. They explain to Dr. McDreamy and Dr. Bailey that everytime she signs papers for a medical operation, they said goodbye and once she comes out of the anesthesia they say hello. (It sounds better coming from them, then from me). She has the operation and comes through fine, but after being in the ICU she starts coding, but because of her DNR request the doctors do nothing to revive her. Her husband realizes what is happening and starts giving her CPR. He has tears in his eyes and says "I just can't let go". So Dr. Bailey takes over and she can't let her go either, so Dr. McDreamy has the husband sit down and takes over for Dr. Bailey.... and they let her go. And now I'm in tears, and boo hooing... ugh. But wow. I'm gonna have to find the clip on youtube and share, cuz its just not the same without seeing it!

Here are the videos:

Fastforward to 2:30...

Fastforward to 4:25

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