Disappointments and Sandy Beaches

You know those people who just can't seem to get things together.... because everytime something goes right, 5 things go wrong? Well WE are one of those couples... we were sooo excited about the prospects of buying a house, we talked to the loan officer and he was very optimistic about everything UNTIL he pulled our credit report. For the loan we were going to get each person has to have a 620. Not a 619.... a 620, and there are NO exceptions. Well low and behold.... I my median score was a 618... thats right. TWO points short. Why? These were his exact words, "Well, my guess is that maybe you just haven't been around long enough to build up any credit." Um.... ok? I'm 21, I've bought a car, paid off a credit card (used for MOVING) and I have NO other debt. So my credit score is low, but not because I'm in over my head with bills and lack of money, but because I'm 21. That's pretty amazing don't you think? We were approved for WELL over the budget we set for ourselves and then the credit police had to knock us back a couple hundred feet. I'm ticked, I'm upset, and I'm aggravated at myself, even though I can't do anything about it and it's not technically my fault... I still have that feeling that I am the one holding us back from buying a house! UGHEAWFGjaewlgj.

So anyways, some good did come out of this I guess. Instead of doing what we should do, saving money, buckling down and finding a great rental... we splurged and we're going to the beach. We NEED this. We NEED to get away. We NEED to lay on the beach. put our feet in the gulf and RELAX. I have NEVER been so stressed out in my life. So yea. I haven't had a single person NOT tell us we're being irrational and stupid, but honestly I just don't care anymore! I'll be working TWO jobs this summer, and so will Justin I'm pretty sure we can handle going away for one week.

Vent over. Good day.

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Wendy said...

I'm sorry! Have you tried going to Dave Ramsey's website and going through one of his mortgage people? They don't really look at credit score alone...they look at other things. I think they are called churchill mortgage. Because Dave's credit score is a 0..he doesn't believe in credit and these mortgage people are supposed to really look at all the factors..not just the credit score. Anyhow, it's worth a shot! And if you go to the safe, get renewed and relax!