Happy Birthday John Adam!

A lot of people don't know that I actually have an older brother. His name was John Adam and he was born on April 8, 1987 and passed away shortly after. I don't know exactly all the details because my mom doesn't like to talk about it much, but I know that he was born early at 6 months. And during that time, there wasn't a lot they could have done for a preemie. One thing my mom has told me about her time with Adam was about my Papaw. Papaw was never one to cry, he didn't show a whole lot of emotions, but mom says that when Papaw held Adam in his arms knowing that he wasn't going to live that he had tears in his eyes. I find comfort in knowing that now Papaw and Adam are together in heaven celebrating Adam's birthday ... not only his physical birthday but his heavenly birthday. Some people that I've told about Adam tell me that I shouldn't consider him as a brother because he wasn't a fully developed baby, or that because he didn't survive and didn't have a life that I shouldn't mourn him.... and I think how DARE they? Adam was my parents first son, their first joy and no one can ever change that. I have a big brother, and he would be 22 this year. He is, was and will forever be my big brother. I haven't been pregnant, but I know that once you discover you have a child growing in your womb that he/she is your child whether or not they make it to full term or not. Adam was a miracle baby, even if he didn't survive. If he had gone to full term, my mother wouldn't have gotten pregnant with me. I was born 11 months later in March 1988.

Happy Birthday Big Brother, give Papaw hugs & kisses for me. You are missed!

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