Beyond Aggravated

Alright. If you don't want to listen to my venting then STOP reading now. I have volunteered my time... well technically I'm getting paid, but the it's not enough to really even show WHAT I have to do when I volunteer. I can't go into much detail, but I can say that it is a bible study for children (fun right?) during another kind of bible study for the parents and other adults. I really enjoy working with these kids (atleast most of the time... there are teenagers also, so that makes it a little more difficult), but we have started a new lesson plan. The lesson plan is GREAT, it really is, I like it, and I think the KIDS will like it. Notice I said kids. But I don't just have kids in this group, I have a toddler, elementary KIDS and preteens and teens. So. This program, like I said is great for kids, the preteens and teens will most definately turn their noses up to it... I say this because I know that at their age I would have turned my nose up. So I decided I would revamp it a bit for the teenagers, use the leader guide as literally a guide but make the lesson appropriate for all ages and change up the schedule a bit to fit the kids I take care of. But oh no. I can't do that. The head hancho (sp?) said that by using this program it HAS to be followed step by step, no going over the boundaries... zippo zadda. zip. I asked for a budget... ERRR. not granted. So what am I supposed to do then? Isn't the whole POINT to get all the kids psyched and involved with the program? To be excited about serving and learning about the Lord? Isn't that the purpose? I'm sorry, but with ANY lesson plan, sometimes they just don't work for all children, and this is one of those cases. What the crap am I supposed to do? Now with that said, I really respect this head hancho person. I have known this person my ENTIRE life. But really?

Let me give an example as to what I wanted to change for THIS week. Each night is scheduled in 15-40 min increments, one of the 30 min increments is center time. I only have 10 kids that show up, and they all rarely show up every week. There are about 6 that show up almost every week. Centers (3 centers to be exact) is to much for a small group...and to be honest some of the centers are TOO advanced for the younger ones, and too juvenile for the older ones. So I thought, well I wanted to incorporate a "food craft" because what kid doesn't like playing with their food? So instead of the centers the program offers I decided to do "mud". What is mud? Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, gummy worms and preferably make it all SUGAR FREE. I got a definite no to this. And frankly, I almost want to bring lots of sugary things and let this head hancho person deal with the children for one night and see if he can get everyone hyped up and loving the lesson plan.

Let's just say I really hope I get a job soon that requires me to work evenings... then I really will say sayanara!

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