Welcome to My Life

So this place that we're fixing up. I'm seriously about to throw my hands up and say FORGET IT! I'm DONE! I can't ofcourse, because we have practically invested ALL of the money I got back from school into it. Mhmm. Wasn't expecting to do that, but we did. It was in a lot worse shape than we thought... and then ofcourse when the landlord comes to see it... we've done too much work? I'm sure he thinks we're going to pass all the receipts to him, and we're not. So UGH! We are fixing it up for OUR benefit. It was GROSS before, it's getting better now. I'm just tired of it really. I'm tired of being in my mother's house and her continually telling me how much she wants us to leave, she doesn't say it straight out, but obviously she doesn't have too!

On a brighter note, Mudgett is here :-D I love him! He's a hoot... hyper active... exhausting.... and I LOVE him! Snickers is having a hard time, but she's getting better!

Also, I just have a lot going on right now, and I could use some prayers. Prayers are ALWAYS good! So here's to hoping this month was worth it!

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