New Changes in Store?

Ok yes... I've been down in the dumps lately. I'm still a little bit sad/frustrated at the moment, but I did a little bit of worshiping today and that perked me up a bit ;-)

Anywho, for the 20 bazillionth time I attempted to plan my school schedule for the next few semesters... and discovered something brilliant! If I take extra classes this summer I could possibly transfer next Spring instead of next Fall... and graduate a semester early. Um.... yes please? And at hearing "transfer a semester early" Justin said.... REALLY??? So he's excited... to say the least. Now, the only thing I'm worried about is if I do transfer is finding an apartment/house to rent in the middle of a school year in a COLLEGE town. Yea. So what may happen is I may have to look into taking online classes through Western, or possibly taking some extra classes that would hopefully transfer at AB Tech. Ugh! Decisions, decisions.. luckily I am taking a mini roadtrip to this wonderful new school I have fallen in love with the one and only mother of the Flint Monsters :) who is an alumni! So I'll have a better idea of what to do after that.

I finally got caught up on assignments... two spontaneous trips the last two weekends have thrown me for a loop... luckily everything got turned in on time! LOL! Tomorrow I'm hoping to visit with an old friend and possibly enjoy some sunshine with the Flints.... or if they can't come with my homework (yay?)...

Instead of a bible verse today, I wanted to share this with you...

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