Getting Through the Storm

I don't know about you, but I know that sometimes I have trouble remembering that God didn't promise that today or tomorrow would be easy... just that He would never give us more than we can handle. Right now J and I are both struggling with a lot of different things. Boogie is becoming a sassy little girl, her attitude is hard to deal with lately and we are at a loss as to what to do with her. We don't believe in spanking, say what you will, but it's just not something we will ever do. So with her age comes defiance, stubborness, sassyness, and lots of tantrums. It's not easy, and we both struggle with being patient, calm, and QUIET. I try not to yell, I try not to scream.... but sometimes the ONLY way to get through to her is by pitching a tantrum on my own! Oi!

Among other things, J is struggling with his job. He loves WHAT he does however the place he is at and some, NOT ALL, the people he works with are making what he does very difficult. We hope that at some point we can find him a job in his career choice that he enjoys going to... he would love to manage his OWN kitchen and be able to make decisions without having to please or ask permission from a certain someone.

Yea... so with that said, we are struggling this week. We are happy in our home and with our little family, but we are struggling to find peace at the moment. Please pray for us and please please pray for all those affected by the tragedy in Boston this week. I'm a bit late on that event, but it saddens me that there are so many cruel people in this world. God Bless!

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NohaEl. said...

i wish u the best of luck Sarah. you habe such a noce family :) good luck and Hod bless you.