I am SO overwhelmed. PLEASE pray for me! But this is a good overwhelmed, I have SEVERAL job offers to take into consideration and I must say GOD IS GOOD! I have an interview (over the phone with the family) for a nanny position. This family just moved to the area and the mother needs some help with her young children during the school year M-W. She is willing to pay $10/hr plus gas reimbursement. I think this would be a fun job, but I'm concerned about what I would do AFTER the school year. Next, the food service coordinator (aka Mary, my boss) offered me a supervisor position in the dining room where I'm working VERY part time now. And if for whatever reason, the guy who is managing nights at the cafe summer can't do it, I would be the night manager for the Huck. Also, at the same conference center, the front desk manager offered me a position as night auditor. I would work 3 nights every other week and 2 nights during the weeks in between. He will pay me $8/hr with a potential raise. This said.... he knows I want to go back to school and said that I would be FREE to do homework and study while at work. There aren't a lot of things to do during the night shift but they HAVE to have someone on duty at all times. AND I can still work in childcare during the summer for $10.75/hr like I planned on doing. So I'm leaning towards that job.... but it's still a tough call! So please be praying for me!

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