Hi Mom!

LOL. So I know my mom reads this blog... and I thought of a umm..... "subtle" way of showing her what I'd love to see her make for Isla or Cooper. Now obviously some of these cannot be done until we know whoooo our little bundle is... but hey. My mom is crafter extroadinaire! So... mom. Here ya go. Crafts I'd love to see you make :) And I could help, just not a lot because then they'd look awful. But I'll try! - this one has quick crafts involving onesies & leg warmers! - this one isn't really a craft but a book that i want to buy if mom can help me make some things out of it! the jacket is SOOO cute! - this one has links to some of my favorite crafts that jill (the blogger) has made. Burp clothes and bibs (which i made for Janelle's twins!), embellished infant tees, an adorable bootie pattern, changing pad, wipes clutch, & taggie toys! - right now i'm really digging an owl theme, and honestly i think it would be really cute for Isla or Cooper.... this doesn't have a tutorial but I know mom could look at the picture and whip one up on her own! - this is the CUTEST little dress, it's not an original pattern by Jill but she gives you a link to a free pattern for it! - i love this book! it's a quiet book for little ones to read during church, or even in the car. its entirely made of fabric and you can personalize it for your little one!

:) really cute eh? hehe. love you mom.

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shanjol23 said...

I LOVE the owl theme!!! If we have a girl next I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a pink owl theme in her room!! :D