Life Changes

First on the to do list for my blog... we are having the internet and cable disconnected temporarily so that we can play catch up. With our recent move, a few of our bills were much higher than expected and has thus KICKED OUR BUTTS. So yea. No more internet. I can update from my phone, but sometimes it can be a real booger.

Second. God is GREAT. Justin has been looking for a 2nd part time job so that I can actually continue being a full time student and in 7 months... a full time mommy :) . He's had several interviews but to no avail. Until today! A part time job at a local conference center that is willing to work around his full time schedule at the nursing home! Woohoo! So yes. God is good. ALL the time.

Third. First prenatal appointment is next Thursday :) Hopefully we'll get to see Isla or Cooper for the first time!!! PS. Isla is pronounced EE-LUH. Who cares what the world thinks it should be, we like the spelling and our pronunciation! LOL

Fourth. I might be going back to my original plan of transferring to Montreat. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Am I excited? Heck yes! We'll see what happens :)

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Nathan, Janelle, Joseph, Jesse, JoyAnn, Jonathan and James!!! said...

You can always update from my house. Since you are here at least three days a week.

I DO think your crazy. Crazy wonderful. You mean so much to us Sarah. And so do Cooper AND Isla (it's gonna be

God bless you today and always.

Congrats to Justin.