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I haven't had much time to blog these days... I mean I've blogged more than I had been, but not as much as I would like! School is kicking my butt, I'm taking 2 sets of 8 week classes, but that doesn't mean less work. The classes are full semester courses condensed into 8 weeks, so that's double the reading and double the assignments. It's hard to keep up with all of that, chase after a WALKING (yes, walking) toddler, take care of house and home... and still manage to find time to do something for just ME. I'm doing pretty well though, one of the classes I'm taking is an American Women's History class. Very interesting so far... I especially loved all the discussions we've had about midwives.

As for Boogie, she is now a walking girl! She had been toddling a bit here and there, then all of a sudden this past week she took off! And since my last update, Boogie has learned how to safely get off the couch... so we're no longer "superman diving" into piles of blankets. We also moved the couch and armchair around so that she'd stop climbing from the couch to the chair. She fell BETWEEN them a few times and totally freaked me out. Ay yi yi! So my now 13 month old is walking, talking (she adds new words everyday, it's incredible!), and is as sassy as ever. We've gone a few days with GREAT sleep, then we go a few days with no sleep... it's an adventure for sure. But as I have said before, Boogie will figure this whole sleep thing out on her own. Tonight she's only woken up once so far, when she is comfortable enough she'll sleep the entire night through! I have faith!

As for J, he's still enjoying his job although we both wish he could have an occasional Sunday off. It's rough missing out on church for ALL of us. I hope to fix that at some point. He's looking forward to getting the study materials for his certification exam so he can start preparing, I know he'll do GREAT!

As for the entire family, we have gone back and forth about moving. The problem is that if we do move, there's always the chance that we'd have to uproot and move again if J has to find a job outside of this area. Then again, we live in an apartment that is not suitable to raise a child in... the apartment itself is fine, the neighbors not so much. They don't bother us, however living in an apartment means lots of noises, lots of doors slamming, and questionable neighbors doing... well questionable things. I'll leave it at that. One of my other issues is that Boogie can't play outside here, nor do I feel comfortable taking her outside. We need a house. With a yard. Without these neighbors. This past week I've really gone back and forth though, should we move, should we wait, should we buy another vehicle first... so a few nights ago I prayed. I had prayed about it before, but not solely for this purpose. A few hours later I was browsing Craigslist and came across a house in the county over, about 10 minutes away from here. It looked AMAZING. Below what we have budgeted out for, central heat/air, 2 bedrooms (we would prefer 3 but CAN work with 2), a lot of land, and it's been remodeled. So I immediately e-mailed the owners and we are going to see it next Wednesday! I'm trying not to get my hopes up... every time I do something falls through. But the timing has been perfect, and I spoke to the woman who owns it and she seems like a wonderful person, she was very kind and I had a nice conversation with her! I hope that if we get this place that God will work it out for J to find a job in the area. I'd love to stay here until we are ready and comfortable to purchase a home of our own!

As for me, aside from school, I'm thinking about going to a local yarn shop to take a beginner's knitting class! J is off the day that it's held every week, so this would work out GREAT! I've been trying to teach myself and it just hasn't gone so well, so hopefully this can be a fun little activity for me to do just for me. I've also thought about taking a photography class or two after this semester. I don't want to do anything professionally but I'd love to learn to take better pictures of my family and our outings. I've ALSO looked into becoming a doula, I'm actually seriously considering it. However I think it's something that I will need/want to postpone until we're done having children and I'm done nursing the youngest so that I can devote more time to this career. I'm pretty excited about everything, after a year of mommyhood I feel like I can finally take a breath and a moment for myself.

I also wanted to ask for some prayers. I'm struggling with how to deal with certain people. I don't want to go into details or anything, but I'm just struggling with whether or not I should even offer advice to certain people when asked or if I should just keep my opinions to myself. It's a tough road...

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Janelle Flint said...

As always...I love you and believe in you. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to do sweetie. I think you would make a GREAT doula. Something I've thought of adding to my "dream" list too. Praying for you in all aspects. I miss you. Know that even though I'm not always present...I'm with you. You are dear to me.