Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying...

In the past several months if you have been reading my blog you may have noticed a trend... we fall in love with a house, we think we're getting said house... and then everything crashes and burns. Ok, so I'm being a bit dramatic, but that's what it has felt like to us! I'm stressed, I'm frustrated, I'm so ready to be done with this whole house hunting business. If this is stressful I can't imagine what house hunting for a house to PURCHASE will be like. UGH! Anyways... let me give you a bit of the back story first.

We moved into this apartment in April of 2010. ONE week after moving in I found out I was pregnant. First of all, if we had known we were pregnant prior to moving into this place, we would have looked elsewhere and found a house. I never wanted to raise my child in an apartment, but we lived... we made it work. NOW... we have neighbors that make us feel uncomfortable, they are loud, rude, and totally disrespectful. When you live in an apartment building you really should be courteous of those around you. You are NOT the only people in the building for crying out loud! I know my child screams... there's not much I can do about that. I can control how loud my music is, whether or not I choose to slam the door, or if I let my visitors ring the doorbell over and over and over (this is especially irritating when Boogie is finally down for a nap after fighting with her for an HOUR). Is that too much to ask? Ok. So, this past week we had decided to suck it up and stay put. There's always the chance that this time next year we will be moving away to wherever J finds a job as a Certified Dietary Manager. So yea, we can deal for a year right? Then I found this house. A remodeled 2 bedroom house in a town over the mountain for $100 LESS than what we're paying for this apartment. So of course I get all excited.

Fast-forward to today. We go to see the house, and it was seriously adorable. A little small, but doable. When I spoke with the couple who owned it last week I was told we would be the FIRST to see it since I was the FIRST to contact them. Well, lo and behold, a few other couples have already looked at it and put their applications in. Great. So I'm stressed again. Ugh. We are supposed to hear from them by tomorrow night or Wednesday morning as to whether or not it's ours. Until then we're going to look at ONE more house further down the mountain that is a bit nicer and has more storage and such for $50 less than what we're paying now. Please pray for us. I am trying very hard to lay all of this at the feet of God, but it's hard. I know He has a plan, I know He has everything laid out for us. Do you hear me Lord? You're stressing me out!

On a happier note, we got our taxes back this week and my school check (at least the majority of it) will be in my hands at the end of this week so we will have money to put back into our savings AND to buy some much needed new furniture. Goodbye Walmart furniture, hello real wood USED furniture. There's an amazing 'antique barn' in town that has a huge assortment of furniture, rugs, and odds and ends. I found a table and chairs that I am in LOVE with. It's very similar to a set I fell in love with at World Market, but the price is a good bit lower. We're also going to get a dresser and refurbish it as an entertainment center for the living room. Boogie won't leave anything alone these days so that will help with that problem a bit. We also need a new dresser for our room and one for Boogie's room... and I would like to find a new desk. This one broken feet, literally. We also need to find a washer and dryer if we get the first house we looked at... AND a freezer because we are hoping to buy a cow to stock up on meat. That's a lot... but I have high hopes from what we saw at the antique place today! Hurray!

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