40 Weeks

How far along? 40 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Over 12lbs as of my last appointment, have another appointment tomorrow

Maternity clothes? Nothing fits right. My jeans won't stay up, my pajama pants have to sit way below where I normally keep them, my shirts don't cover my belly very well... oy. 

Stretch marks? same old same old

Sleep: I slept well last night surprisingly! 

Best moment this week: Making it to 40 weeks? I'm thankful that he and I are both healthy so I'm trying to look at the positives... but I am sure ready to have him in my arms already!

Movement: He's getting rougher with his movements, he favors my right side and really enjoys kicking me in the ribs. Boogie was never this rough!

Food cravings: Mom's Meatball Subs

Gender: Still a boy...

Labor signs: Lots of cramping and bachache the last few days, and I've lost large portions of my mucus plug.

Belly button in or out? The top of my belly button sticks out... looks really weird.  

Wedding rings on or off? Wearing both wedding band and engagement ring, they both fit at the moment. Totally different from Boogie, I couldn't wear either at this point!

What I miss: Bending over... that's close to impossible now.

What am I looking forward too: Finally holding my sweet little boy, breastfeeding, and babywearing!

Weekly Wisdom: You won't be pregnant forever....

Milestones: He's ready. My pop out timer (aka belly button) says he's DONE.

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