I am seriously considering deleting my facebook (both blog page and personal page) and being done with it. Just recently the creator of Birth Without Fear decided to forego using facebook to promote her page and she even decided to step away from her personal page as well. I've been inspired by her choices and by how much more she's been able to blog lately about birth in every form and by how much it's changed her day to day life with her children and her family. My only hesitations are that by doing so I would also forego some close relationships I have with two groups of women I met via Babycenter, the only contact we have is via facebook. Perhaps I could delete everything as far as my personal info and other friends and just have it for contact with those groups... I don't know. I just know that something has to change. My main purpose for this blog is to have a place to write about our family's life experiences, milestones, and events so that someday I can print all of this out and make a book for my children. I do sometimes do reviews and giveaways, but that's not my top priority. I've been slacking a lot lately writing about my children and the in's and out's of our lives right now and I'd like to fix that. I don't know... I'm realizing a lot today with the birth of Asher looming over my head (that's the worst part about giving birth.... the unknown!) and that I'm on facebook entirely too much. I want to treasure every moment I have with my children. Life is short.

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