"Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!"

That's how I'm feeling today... when Boogie goes looking for something she says, "Where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!" She's been pointing at my belly all morning and saying, "Bubby! Where are you?" She's too smart, she must know mommy is beyond ready to meet Bubby! I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow. I hurt. EVERYWHERE. With Boogie I was able to sleep but my hips would go numb, but that's about as uncomfortable as I got at the end... just that darn hip pain. This time, I wake up every hour to turn over because my entire body just aches. It's awful. So not only do I hurt, but I'm exhausted and I have a toddler running around like a crazy person saying "Mommy, mommy, mommy! Come here! Mommy, mommy, mommy! Whatcha doin'?" Oy! At least she's in a good mood today right?

So I guess you'll be hearing from me tomorrow with my 40 week pic and update.... hopefully you won't hear from me again after that until I have a birth story to post. Pray please! Hoping for a natural, un-medicated, intervention-free birth this go around... which means he HAS to come this week! Do you hear me Bubby?!?!?! It's TIME.

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