Boogie is 2 years (and 1 month lol)!

I wanted to wait to post a big update on Boogie until after her 2 year check up, and we postponed it until Bubby's check up so we could take them together. My big 2 year old... she has grown so much since her last check up at 18 months. At that appointment she weighed 21.4lbs (with clothes and cloth diaper on) and was 31.25" tall... at this appointment she was 25lbs (with clothes and cloth diaper on) and 34.25" tall. So she's gained almost 4lbs and grew 3 inches! She's still only in the 25th percentile but that's perfect in my book! As I talked about in one of my previous posts, Boogie is doing really well with tot school, though I will admit that it is a struggle to make time for it with a baby in the family! Nevertheless, she's doing great! She knows her ABC's, can count 1-10, knows her colors and shapes, and she's singing lots of kid songs and "adult" songs (meaning the Christian music I have constantly playing around the house!). She can speak in 4-5 word sentences, sometimes more, the only time she has trouble is when she is upset or gets hurt. Seems like her emotions keep her from being able to communicate what's wrong, but we're working on that. She loves to color and read books and she is currently obsessed with princesses, specifically Cinderella!

To celebrate her birthday we had planned on having a larger party with some friends and family, but with a newborn in the house we decided it would be best to celebrate with family. Then we also had a get together with our Flint Family, Boogie just loves playing with her buddy's! So... here are some pictures of my girl in the past few weeks, including two from her party!

All dressed up for her party... and this is her new "say cheese" face... lol!

Pink cupcakes!

She's also big into dancing like Angelina Ballerina :)

Another CHEESE face!

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