Bubby is 2 Months!

My sweet boy is officially 2 months old as of Saturday, and he came through his 2 month check up with flying colors! He is 12lbs 5oz (he's gained almost 5lbs!) and he is 22.5" tall (2 inches taller!), his development is right on track and he is nursing perfectly. Bubby is in the 75th percentile... which is crazy to me because our sweet girl has always been on the small side! We are still in 0-3 clothing aside from sleepers (3-6), but we will be moving him up to all 3-6 clothing soon, his onsies and pants are starting to get a little snug. I just can't believe how fast he is growing! He's even sleeping 5-7 hour stretches most nights, which is INCREDIBLE. Boogie never slept that much unless we were co-sleeping AND she was nursing. Bubby on the otherhand takes a nap before bedtime, we dress him, I nurse him, cuddle him for a bit and I lay him down in the co-sleeper.... and he just sleeps. I never thought that after all the sleepless nights with Boogie I would have a child who SLEEPS. It's a freaking miracle! Thank you LORD! Now some pictures for you to enjoy :)

First time on my back... he didn't like it for TOO long, but that's only because he likes to snuggle  into my chest to sleep, lol! 

Loves cooing and smiling at his reflection

Happy blue eyed boy!

So handsome <3 td="">

He loves that monkey... 
Happy 2 months Bubby, we love you!

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