Vegucated and Other Things

Yes, you read that correctly. I am no "vegucated"... if you are unfamiliar with the term you can read more HERE. To make a long story short, in the past few weeks J and I have started working out and eating better (mainly portion control) to lose some weight and get healthy... then I watched a documentary called 'Vegucated' and it scarred me for life. Seriously people, scarred. So, I am now a vegetarian... and I also, on recommendation from a friend, have started eating Gluten Free as well. And let me tell you... ouch it's expensive. I don't know how long I'll keep eating Gluten Free, but I will say that I feel amazing. I have energy (as long as a certain little boy lets me sleep!) and I'm losing weight! Since starting our work out journey (I've been doing a combination of 30 Day Shred and Wii Fit exercises... and I even jogged around our circle the other day... that's HUGE for me) I've lost 8lbs... since having Bubby, I've lost a total of 22lbs! So yea, go me! Pray for me (and J!) as we continue on this journey... it's incredibly intimidating and HARD, but I'm determined to get healthier not only for myself but to set an example for my little ones!

Now, onto other things! Bubby will be 8 weeks old on Monday (2 months on the 26th)! And we will be celebrating Boogie's 2nd Birthday with the Flint Family on Sunday (yes... it's almost a month late!). Bubby is going through yet another growth spurt which means he's been pretty much attached to me 24/7. Luckily, when he sleeps at night, however long it may be, he sleeps in the co-sleeper no problem. Boogie NEVER did that, she had to be attached to the boob ALL night! Amazingly... no, astonishingly, Bubby slept 7 hours STRAIGHT Sunday night! That was the end of THAT growth spurt... obviously because of his feeding habits the past 2 days we're going for round 2! Other than that he's great! He's growing, it's strange to have a bigger baby at this stage, he's average (at least to my knowledge) for his age, but he's much bigger than Boogie ever was. He is in 0-3 months in everything except sleepers, in those he's in 3-6 months... but I have a feeling he'll be moving up in both soon. He's smiling all the time now, cooing, and he loves looking in the mirror. My sweet little man is so handsome, I'm completely head over heels for him!

Boogie is so smart, and I know I say it all the time, but she just amazes me with how much knowledge she absorbs. She knows her ABC's, except she always says 'J' instead of 'Z'... not sure why but we're working on that, she can count to 10, and she knows all of her colors except she mixes up blue and purple, and red and orange. SO smart! She's still going through the terrible two's, but I'm working hard on being more patient with her and really I'm just learning as we go!

Now, to hold you over until the next time I blog (because I'm terrible at it lately)...

This kid makes the BEST faces! This was the first 'smile' I caught on camera... it was a big gummy smile and then as soon as I hit the button to snap the picture he did this! Ha!

This is what happens 99.9% of the time I try to get pictures of Boogie now... oy.

First time he tried his Bumbo... he kind of liked it lol

Oh the faces...

Such a goofy boy!

He's definitely a momma's boy, despite what his onsie says.... 

My little "old man"

This is what I've looked at for the past 48 hours... nursing nursing nursing...

My little ballerina dancing... we've already decided that as soon as she turns 3 we're putting her in ballet. She loves it already!

Doesn't he look thrilled?

THESE are the kind of pictures I wish I could get everyday with my sweet girl!

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Love this... looks like they're swapping secrets

My brown eyed beauty

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