Pressing Onward...

Not going to lie... today flat out stunk. You've gotta love the "terrible two's". Oy! Dear, sweet, adorable Boogie is testing the limits and testing my patience. She has perfected pushing mommy's buttons. I'm trying so so so very hard to stay patient with her, I'm constantly reminding myself that she IS two and she IS acting her age. But good grief! Today was just not a good day. Boogie was just into everything, being naughty (and she knew it... she'd get caught, scream like a banchee, and run away and hide... little booger), being mean to her brother... it just never ended! Bubby was a crying mess, he's GOT to be going through a growth spurt, he was constantly attached to my boob (sorry to be blunt, but seriously... he was) and either sleeping for long spurts or screaming and crying for long spurts. And THEN I about burnt the house down. Yea, not my best cooking moment. I was boiling chicken, yes, boiling chicken. Forgot about said boiling chicken during one of Bubby's long, very very long, nursing sessions until I heard sizzling. So I thought to myself... "What's cooking? I don't remember cooking anything.... AHHH! The chicken!" So I run, with Bubby attached to my boob, unlatch him as quickly and as nicely as I can while he then proceeds to scream his poor little head off, I put him in the swing super fast, grab a glass, fill with water and dump on the chicken because my chicken had boiled so long that the water had evaporated and the chicken was on FIRE. Again, not my best moment. So... needless to say, my brilliant plan for yummy barbeque chicken pizza was a no go. I had no time to make my dough because instead I was opening windows, turning on fans, and wafting the smelly smoke outside. Luckily I was able to salvage enough of the chicken to make quesadillas.

Thankfully the last two hours of my day before J got home were a lot less eventful. I decided to give up on getting Boogie to sit still long enough for tot school and we all cuddled up on my bed, turned on Tinker Bell and relaxed.

In other news... I still haven't posted a real update on Boogie for her 2nd birthday, her 2 year appointment is on the 29th (I think). She's a month late, but we wanted to schedule her appointment on the same day as Bubby's 2 month appointment to save on gas. We just don't go to town as often with the van because gas is freaking expensive! So yea... be on the look out for that as well as a 2 month update on Bubby. Speaking of Bubby, he turned 6 weeks old on Monday. I cannot believe how fast this is going by, I though it was fast with Boogie, but this is just insane!

Anyways, thought you all would enjoy my debacle for the day. Now that my day is done and over with I can look back and laugh, but I can assure you that I was NOT laughing a few hours ago! ;-)

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