Another Long Overdue Update!

We finally have our new computer and printer set up... thank goodness! I've been waiting and waiting to get some file folder games and such printed for Tot School! I've found so many wonderful goodies for Boogie, and I'm sure the sweet girl I will be babysitting starting in August (we'll call her Miss V) will enjoy them as well!

It's been a great month for our family, Bubby turned 7 months (and we are creeping up to month 8!), he now has 5 teeth cut through with 3 more trying to break through (that's loads of fun...), and he is figuring out how to get around without crawling! Boogie is her normal, ornery self of course, we took her to a Radio Disney event, it wasn't what we expected but she had fun nonetheless! We even took the kids on a little trip to Gatlinburg, it was Bubby's first vacation and trip to the aquarium! And.... J bought his first motorcycle! I may actually have my car to myself again! YAY!

As for me, I am slowly updating my wardrobe... which is AWESOME. I haven't bought myself new (or new to me) clothes in a long time.... and maternity clothes DO NOT count lol! I bought one new outfit from Old Navy, and the price KILLED me, so the rest have come from consignment stores (both online and in person!) I ordered several things from, they have children's, junior's, women's and plus size women's clothing for GREAT prices! (If you use that link above, you will receive $10 credit on your first order!) I have also signed up to be an Origami Owl consultant, I will post more about that in a separate post later... but let's just say that this company is AWESOME and it was started by a 14 year old young lady!

Now... how about a picture update?

This is J's Nanny, she has been in and out of the hospital. She is doing much better now, but please keep praying for her!

Our big guy is eating so well! He's had lots of different vegetables, fruits, and even some meats! Yay Baby Led Weaning!

My Bubby and I at the fireworks!

He was super excited.... can't you tell?

Boogie really enjoyed playing before the fireworks.... however we ended up leaving shortly after they started because they scared her :(

8 months old!

My failed attempt at a sibling photo.... this was the BEST out of the bunch lol

We got all of Nanny's grandkids who have children together and took a big photo of all of them, along with individual pics of the grandkids with their babies... I am not going to post the other family members out of respect for them and their privacy ;-)

Took a trip to the aquarium....

Bubby stayed asleep through most of it!

Excuse my red complexion... it was HOT.

Boogie dressed up as Sofia the First for a Radio Disney Jr Event!

We had a tea party :)

J's new toy!

So... Bubby is in this picture too... Breastfeed without Fear ladies! 

She thoroughly enjoyed our tea party :)

Origami Owl Takeout Menu - I'm so excited to tell you more!

He's a little excited...

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