I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that J's schedule is getting back to a normal rhythm. There are still a few crazy days when he has to go back in to check on his staff or stay over for meetings... but the majority of the time he is home early enough that we can enjoy the afternoon and evening with him! Yesterday was one of those days! We went to visit a place called Antler Hill Village, there's a small barn where you can pet animals (we didn't get there in time for that), shops, restaurants and always music! Boogie thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is the same place we took Boogie for the Radio Disney event, she seems to really enjoy going out there.... so I'm sure we will start going more frequently!

As you can see, it's absolutely beautiful.... even on a cloudy day! And it was one of the first days that it didn't rain (at least until after dark! lol!). 

We also found this field of sunflowers.... 

Boogie got to watch goats, chickens, sheep, horses, etc. around the farm... we played at a playground... not sure if I would really call it that but whatever. There were a lot of BIG kids there, so we ended up talking her into walking into the village for some ice cream!

And my sweet boy wasn't all that thrilled with the trip... I had been wearing him but he is SO hot natured! So we let him ride in the stroller while Boogie ran around. 

There was a great little area to cool off... she got SOAKED. So she is a little wet in most of our pictures (and those pink stains on her shirt were from her yummy berry sorbet!)

She also loved this fountain, she likes to lean over the edge and run her fingers through the water.

This guy came close to the fence when we got ready to leave, so I walked Boogie back down to meet him. He. Was. Huge. So we didn't touch him, lol! Anyways, we had a great time! I hope to have many more fun adventures with my crew!

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