Are You Kidding Me?

What the hell? My 17 year old brother had an 11pm curfew last night, and got home at 2am. Yes, you read that right. What was his punishment? A little lecture, a little fussing and off he goes to hang out with his buddies. I am so SICK, SO sick of this crap. He could get away with murder and my mom would just laught it off. I NEVER broke my curfew, if I was running late or wanted to stay out longer I'd call, I'd ask and usually it was ok (but it was NEVER after midnight). I knew that if I broke my curfew I'd be grounded from EVERYTHING. I backtalked, yelled and was a verbal brat.... but I knew what my limit was, I knew how to push my mom just far enough over the edge. I was grounded 50% of my high school career and the worst thing I ever did was yell at my mother. Then here's my brother staying out till 2 in the morning doing God knows what. I'm trying hard not to say anything, but this is getting ridiculous. What happens when he turns 18 or even 21? Will he stay out alll night? Will he decide to go to bars? Will he be safe? Will he make SMART decisions?

My brother has a way of manipulating my mother, he puts on his smile and sweet talks her until she caves. She falls for it EVERY single time. And she doesn't see that. I can't take his stupidity and immaturity anymore!

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