This week has been a very tough week for me. We've had lots of drama at work (really stupid, immature drama).... seriously there are GROWN women tattling on eachother. I'm not EVEN kidding. I also have been stuck working with a CHILD at church (she is 13) who is disrespectful and very unhelpful. But this isn't what I wanted to write about tonight. There is a certain SINGLE person I used to be friends with who seems to always be depressed and such about being single. Which is fine you know... I understand that. Well tonight she posted something that just killed me.... she said, "i pretty much dislike the majority of people who are either married, engaged, or in serious relationships. no i am not at all jealous! its just that when they decide to enter these types of relationships they also, unfortunately, often decide to become annoying idiots without minds of their own!" If you know me at all, and you know this person... then you know I can have a very short temper with her. She was my best friend when I met my husband, she was a big part of my wedding and I never deserted her. Then she started acting like this. This is a very ignorant statement... and I truly believe that it has everything to do with jealousy and making her feel better about herself. I am happily married to an amazing man and I VERY MUCH have a mind of my own. Just because I fell in love, that does not mean that I am an idiot. It just so happened that in my life, God decided that it was MY time to fall in love. There was someone else who posted a comment about her status that said, "they also forget all of their single friends". My best friend is Hannah, she is an amazing person and a more amazing friend. Hannah is also single. She's been my friend since middle school, and I have not deserted her. She has been my go to person if I ever needed to talk or vent. You know, even though I'm married, I still know what it feels like to be single and wishing and praying that someone would sweep me off my feet. However, I NEVER thought that married, engaged & individuals who were in serious relationships were idiots with no brains... I was VERY much jealous, and thinking "Why not me?" I just don't understand what could go through someone's head to think something like that. UGH. Vent over. Good night.

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