Tonight was my first night back at the childcare I work for every summer. We had one little boy tonight, and he was absolutely precious. His name is True, no kidding, and he just turned 2. He was very very bashful (reminded me of my amazingly bashful hubby... bahahaha) but he apparently really liked me. He let me take him from his daddy and take him down to our enclosed park. He only wanted to swing, so we swang for a while and he had his head down (being bashful) and all of a sudden BAM! His head was back and he was OUT COLD... snoozing. So I picked him up expecting him to start screaming, but instead he just clung onto me and went back to sleep. So I took him in and laid him down and he slept for about an hour. When he woke up he was freaked out but once I got ahold of him and he could cling onto my shirt he was fine. My supervisor's son, Dow, helped me get out the cardboard blocks (you know those blocks you had when you were little made out of cardboard in reds, greens & yellows with brick imprinted on them?)and make towers out of them.

Unlike the tower in the picture, we just stacked them in one tall tower and True was terribly excited about knocking them down! So for the last 15 minutes he was there we finally got giggles and smiles out of him. He was an awesome kid, and I can't wait to see him tomorrow.... despite the tears, slobber and boogers inbedded in the left shoulder of my tshirt.... I love childcare :-D

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