Killing Time

It is about 11am, I'm sitting in the library at school and I have a LOT on my mind! There is so much stress and really a lot of disappointments and a little bit of hatred (atleast what I feel) at home... sometimes it just feels good to come to school and relax. That sounds crazy doesn't it? Papers due, notes being taken, studying for exams... shouldn't be relaxing. Right now, for me it is. Everything is in order, everything is organized and I am at peace. I get home and all there is, is chaos, annoyances, etc etc. Some days I just don't even want to go home, if my wonderful hubby wasn't there, I don't know if I could.

It has also come to my knowledge that apparently things I write in my blog are being read... and taken the wrong way. So here is my answer to that. This is my blog. This is my outlet. I write so that I won't blow up and throw all my steam to my husband, my parents, and even my friends. If I didn't have this outlet, I think I would go nuts! I blow off steam here... it helps me relax and just let go. This has been the purpose for this blog from the get go. Sure, I could go home and lay all of my issues and stresses on my husband, but how is that fair? I talk to him about everything, but he has enough stress on him that I don't want to lay my burdens on him... so I lay them down here, written out so that I can work through my problems and lay them down before my Father's feet. The end. That's just how it is. I don't write to offend, I write to let go. I need my outlet.

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Wendy said...

Girl! I know exactly what you mean. It helps to get everything out. I use my blog to help me get through things, to journal what I'm going through at any particular time in my life. I know it confuses people for me to put things out there...but as you said, it's my blog. It's for me! I like to go back and read and see how God has worked things out or how things have changed or even how I have changed. It's a growing process. Stay true to yourself and your blog! And as always...I'm sending prayers your way!