School is BACK!

Yesterday was my first day back to school in THREE years! I was excited, terrified, nervous, stressed, but mostly excited! I might be a nerd, but I love buying the school supplies, putting together my notebooks, etc etc etc. Guess it's a good thing I want to be a teacher!

My first class of the day was Psychology, and my professor was NUTS! That said, I have never had more fun in a class. She kept my attention, she was humorous, and she specialized in autism when she first started working as a psychologist. In my book, that's pretty amazing! My second class of the day was Expository & Creative Writing. That wasn't my favorite class, but the professor was also awesome. I don't particularly like to write... I mean I like to blog ofcourse, but actually sitting down and having to write about a certain subject and staying on that subject, is not my forte! My last class of the day was College Algebra, I am not a huge fan of math... however I enjoy certain aspects of math. I like algebra, but I don't like word problems or graphing, lol! That professor was very nice, she's an older lady and has issues with technology, ha, but other than that she was pretty cool. I'm also taking Sociology, Success and Study Skills (stupid freshmen class) and my College Algebra Lab online. Those are going to take a lot of commitment on my part... but so far so good!

Anyways, the whole point of this entry was to talk about succeeding. I am alllllll about succeeding right now. I am set on doing well, getting amazing grades and reaching my goal. I don't want to be perfect, but I want to do well. I did ok in high school, I had a 3.63 average when I graduated, but considering some of the grades I got, I'm not sure how that happened! I did horribly in sciences and social studies.... I NEVER got higher than a C in any social studies class I took, and I did ok in science, but I think I might of only gotten an A once, lol! I did pretty well in math, had some issues with English, and ofcourse I succeeded in all of my music courses. But I think most of my problem was that I couldn't focus in class... I had friends in ALL of my classes, so ofcourse I wasn't focusing! This might sound crazy, but I'm kind of glad I don't know anyone in my classes right now! I learned more in one day than I ever remember learning in hs! I was focused, driven and I didn't have any distractions, and it ROCKED! So yes... if you readers are out there... please pray that I will continue to succeed and that someday I will achieve my goals!

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Kit said...

good luck. and that is why i loooooove online classes. no distractions. and i love school supplies etc too. i spent like 2 whole days organizing my stuff for the whole semester and got a lot of new school supplies haha it was fun :)

i'm pretty sure i'm going to like all of my classes, everything is great so far. i have 2 childcare classes, psychology (YAY!!!) and freshman seminar.

child guidance is going to be pretty hard, well maybe not REALLY hard just like a LOTTT of work, educational technology should be fine, psych is going to be easy, really really easy. and freshman seminar...ugh. TOO easy. i hate it. i've taken that class THREE times at THREE different colleges. it is rediculous!!! i'm 24. i've been in college for like over 3 years. i've been at abtech going on 2 years. and i've been to 3 colleges. if i don't know by now what i'm doing, i'm just out of luck haha. so dumb. but yeah. oh well. i'm never EVER transferring again cuz nothing ever ends up transferring. but yeah overall, school is going awesome. good luck with everything and hop you do well! :)