Holy Cow!

Ok. This is possibly one of the most unbelievable things that has ever happened to me... and I know it's all because of my Savior! Justin and I were freaking out... we were going to have enough money to pay our bills.... but NOT enough to buy groceries or put gas in our cars. Literally... I had one thing of ground beef, condiments, and some soup in my kitchen. Well yesterday I noticed that online, our bank showed that we had over 300 dollars in our account... which was strange because everything I had recorded had gone through. So I told Justin that I would find a spreadsheet and rerecord everything and check my math. Back in September I got a refund from AB Tech, it was a nice chunk of money that helped fix up our house. Well apparently when I recorded one of our purchases I subtracted a little too much. We have had over 300 dollars in our account this entire time. We bought groceries, put gas in our cars, and Mudgett is getting his final puppy shots tomorrow :) I learned a valuable lesson. I know now that no matter what happens God IS and forever more will be by my side. I know that he caused that little hiccup in my checkbook and I KNOW he did that to teach me this lesson. GOD IS GOOD. ALL THE TIME!

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