UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's too early to be awake! This sore throat is killing me, I'm fine during the day, but early in the morning it feels like somebody took sandpaper and rubbed my throat down while I was sleeping. So I'm up, I feel fine now, but now that I'm up I might as well stay up because Noah will be here in about an hour and a half.

Anyways, my grandmother is in the hospital. My sweet Granny is NOT doing well, but if I was being completely honest, I know she would be better off and HAPPIER to run into Jesus' arms and see my Papaw again. It's frustrating because my dad is in charge of everything, he takes care of everything that involves Granny and its tearing him apart. Dad has 3 siblings, one lives in Florida so I understand him not being as involved, the other is constantly at the hospital but if we were completely honest shes kind of nuts, and the third sibling didn't want to deal with it, thus giving the reins to my dad. My daddy is an AMAZING man, he is strong and faithful.... but the moment Granny (or even Papaw when he was alive for that matter) started deteriorating or getting sick... he falls apart. And it breaks my heart. I'm just ready for my dad to have some relief, to not have to worry anymore. My sweet Granny needs relief too, and I know if my heart that she is going to see Christ when she passes away so I'm not afraid to see her go. Yes, I will be sad and devastated... but if its her time, its her time... and Jesus will welcome her with outstretched arms!

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