Project 365: Day 4

Sorry this is blurry...

Today I spent the majority of the day doing homework for my online classes... yay me! Then Justin and I went to Asheville to pick up a few things we needed (pants for Justin primarily)... and we managed to come home without spending anymore money on Elah! I couldn't believe it! My daughter is already spoiled, normally any time we go to Asheville we come home with atleast one thing for her! LOL! We finished off the day by picking me up my last "meal" of the day (I'll explain that in a minute) from My Father's Pizza and headed to Nanny's to sit infront of her cozy woodstove... YES! It's woodstove season... atleast at Nanny's house! We got home from Nanny's and I shut myself up in the bedroom and did some last minute stuff for school and then Justin came in to cuddle :) hence the blurry picture (thank you Droid camera phone).
Now to explain my random meals of the day. Pregnancy has thrown my normal eating routine out the window... I don't eat breakfast, I can't. Typically I eat crackers, dry cheerios, or something bland in the a.m. because I can't keep anything else down... whatever I'm eating gets washed down with good ole' Gingerale. Yum. NOT. The rest of the day I have no schedule. I eat when I'm hungry or nauseus... and usually the rest of the day I'm nauseus because of hunger, not because of morning sickness. For instance, today, I had a bowl of Chicken Ramen around 1pm, a Sonic Burger, Sonic Fries, and sliced apples at 4pm, and then I had a stromboli and a side salad at 8pm. So again... random food hours. ::Sigh::
An update on Elah... she is fantastic! She is moving as I type actually, kicking up a storm. I'm loving being able to finally feel her all over my tummy instead of just at the base of my tummy! My next appointment is on Thursday, and I'll give you a good update then as well! Until then... goodnight!

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