I know I promised pictures... but I'm so busy loving on my two sweet little ones that I just haven't wanted to sit in front of the computer to add some! I've been on facebook every now and then to update family/friends and to check on my fellow November due date mommas (two of which had their kiddos in October and December actually!) I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am. Motherhood is what was intended for me when God created me in my mother's womb... at least that's what I think was his purpose. Nothing has felt more right than being a mother to my children!

Boogie is adjusting pretty well, she has had some tantrums and ornery"ness" that we had to work through, but other than that she's been wonderful. She adores her Bubby and loves to hold him and kiss him... sometimes too much! I can't believe how much she has grown just in this past week and how much more her vocabulary has expanded. I was incredibly worried about leaving her for a few days during my stay at the hospital, however my mom said she was amazing. I'm so proud of my big girl... and can you believe she'll be 2 in 26 days?

Bubby is amazing, he's so precious and sweet.... and he SLEEPS! We actually have to wake him up in order  for me to nurse him, it's incredible! I don't really know what to do with my time now, because I had anticipated a repeat situation with a high maintenance or high needs child like Boogie was.

I'll try to update soon with pictures of not only Bubby, but also of our special Sugar Cookie Baking day with Mamaw! That was a lot of fun! Boogie had a blast! Until then.. I plan on enjoying J's last day off (tomorrow) and trying not to fret over my first day alone with my two blessings!

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