Worst Blogger EVER!

I really should be posting more... but I'm enjoying spending time with my children so much that I just haven't gotten around to it... AND I cleaned the ENTIRE house today. Yea. With two kids, all by myself. I was super proud of myself! :-p

Anyways, Bubby is officially 3 weeks old as of yesterday, time is just flying by! He is already rolling from tummy to back (I thought it was a fluke... but he is consistently doing it!), making eye contact and following our voices. Time is already going by way too fast, Boogie will be 2 next week and Bubby will be a month old. Oy! Here are some pictures of what we've been doing this past week...

Lots of snuggles, sleepy smiles, and naps!

We decorated a Gingerbread Man for G is for Gingerbread Day (next year we're MAKING real gingerbread men!)

Tummy time.... or sometimes nap time!

Lots of smooching...

Danced the night away in twirly Christmas dresses...

Took walks on cool not so normal December days... seriously though... it's not cold enough to be December!

We made Polar Express snacks for P is for Polar Express Day

Had our first bath... he loved it!

And enjoyed time as a family... even if Boogie wasn't thrilled about having her picture made!

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NohaEl. said...

Omg congrats Sarah, ur family is beautiful and I'm so happy for u :-)