Final Two Weeks of December...

It's just 45 minutes from 2013 and I am finally getting around to updating you on Christmas, Bubby's one month birthday, Boogie's 2nd birthday and all the wonderful things about the end of 2012! Christmas was wonderful, we had an evening with my in-laws a few nights before Christmas and Boogie got to open her Christmas gifts and her birthday gifts from them that evening. She was thrilled! This year has definitely been a whirlwind of fun with her compared to last year, she was so enthusiastic about opening presents, and according to J she wakes up every morning saying, "presents please!" Ha! Christmas Eve my parents and brother (Uncle Pickle) came over to do our family Christmas and we made Christmas dinner that day as well. Boogie is absolutely in love with her Uncle Pickle, she just adores him... and she had a blast bossing him around that day! Christmas day was full of laughter, family, and enjoying all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives.

The day after Christmas Bubby turned 1 month old... which means today he is 5 weeks old. How did that happen? I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that we were pulling into the Flint's driveway with contractions just starting, right? Geez! Bubby is precious, he's definitely calmer and more relaxed then Boogie ever was, which is good for us not only because he's "easier" but because I don't have the kind of time I did with Boogie. I seriously held her and rocked her and wore her and laid with her all day everyday. Obviously, with a 2 year old underfoot that's just not possible. He's a decent sleeper most nights, though I'm dreading next week because 6 weeks seems to be a big growth spurt for all babies, I remember blogging about that actually and I've read many stories from fellow November mommies about it this past week! We got our first big smiles from Bubby on Saturday and he isn't as forthcoming with them as Boogie was, but when he smiles his entire face just lights up! He brings me SO much joy, and since we just started potty training a little monster of mine, most days I need that extra joy!

Speaking of that monster, she turned TWO on Friday (the 28th!) Yikes! My beautiful, precocious, stubborn little princess of a girl is officially two. I canNOT believe it. She's definitely been showing her age, but ontop of doing so she's also come down with a cold (which could be why she was a bit of a monster last week... sorry baby, but you were!) We've also drifted into the world of potty training and so far it is NOT going well. Not only does she have my strong will and stubborness but she has double that from her daddy... we're in so much trouble! To sum it up here are a few pictures from the past few weeks:

Hannah came to visit!

And she brought Andy!

Boogie loves "Hanny"... or "Buddy" lol

Uncle Pickle with Bubby on Christmas Eve

Her expressions on Christmas Day opening presents were GREAT!

Love this boy!

But he wasn't all that sure about this whole opening presents thing...

Boogie on her birthday... not so thrilled about having her picture taken. Though I think this was Day 1 of not feeling well :(

2 week newborn photos!

Well, there you have it! 2012 was a great year for us, even with a few not so fun things, we still have lots of wonderful memories that outweigh the bad! Boogie weaned from breastfeeding at 18 months, we found out we were pregnant in April, found out Bubby was a boy in June, and I birthed him the way I wanted in November. Boogie turned two, I turned 23, J turned 25... and we can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! Happy New Year my friends, I hope God blesses you as much as He has blessed us!

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