Where Did My Baby Go?

I've realized this week how much my little one has grown... she's no longer a baby, but a full-fledged toddler. She is walking all over the place now and most of the time does NOT want to be held. She still loves to be worn, but if you're going to just hold her on your hip she pitches a fit until you let her walk! What a booger! She is also very very very verbal, it's pretty funny hearing some of these words come out of her mouth! She can now say "love you" (which sounds more like low you), "so pretty", "shew baby", "go!", "mine", "no", "night-night" and more and more and more... she comes up with new words and two-word sentences EVERY day! Anyways... last month we had a professional photographer named Brandi Clemmons do Boogie's pictures. Check out her facebook page HERE. Boogie's photos turned out GREAT! I'm so happy with them, we'll definitely be working with Brandi again! I'll share some of the pictures after the end of this post.

Not sure if I had mentioned it yet, but we are moving on my birthday, the 15th, into a new apartment. We were going to be moving into another 2nd story apartment but one of the ground level apartments became available and we will now be getting it! Yay! That means no more lugging diaper bags, groceries, and a 22lb 1 year old up the steps! We also have a fenced in patio and garden area in the back, which will be WONDERFUL. Another apartment isn't ideal, but we will be with a much more reliable landlord (who we have rented from before) and it's still in a great location.... it will do until we can start hunting for a house of our own!

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Wildali said...

The pictures are AWESOME!!! So cute!